Joint ticket for BTS and MRT

One may wonder why none of Bangkok’s public transport systems, with the exception of BTS and the new line of Smart Bus, share the same ticketing system. Well, as a local, I do too.

But here’s good news for both visitors and locals in Bangkok: a joint ticketing system for BTS Skytrain and MRT is expected to go into operation by October this year.

All-transport ticketing system comes after

Image credit: Ken Lohatepanont

According to The Nation, there are 2 phases for the joint ticketing system. The first will focus on the link between 2 major rail systems, BTS and MRT, while the second phase will allow commuters to pay with debit and credit cards when using the BTS, MRT, taxis or boats.

However, the second phase needs further discussion between all parties involved, said Chaiwat Thongkamkoon, the ministry’s permanent secretary.

Image credit: Thairath

Many years ago, there was a talk about a joint ticket card for BTS, MRT, and Airport Rail Link called the “Mangmoom card,” but no decision has yet to be made. 

Let’s hope this is really happening this time.

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