Shave ice with oyster topping

Are you a foodie with an adventurous soul who loves to try all sorts of delicacies the world has to offer? If so, Taiwan has crazy challenge for you; a sweet bowl of shaved ice topped with fresh oysters – no, we’re not kidding. 

Image credit: สายกิน

Earlier this week, Thai online media VRZO shared the story of a humble cafe (王者之蚵海洋冰藝館) in Fangyuan Township, Taiwan, that uses fresh oysters as a topping for their shaved ice dessert. 

Image credit: สายกิน

According to the page, that area has a port and is famous for its oysters. After looking into it, this dessert cafe made headlines and went viral around 3 years ago and it’s not a joke people made up by any means.

Signature dessert

The cafe’s owner Zhuang Beibei wrote on the menu that their oysters are the area’s (Wang Gong) speciality. 

Image credit: Mirror Media

One of the signature items is Jade Fresh Oyster Mango Snow, which is a mango shaved ice topped with the area’s oysters and asparagus.

Written on the menu is that “you can eat the freshness of the sea, the crispness of asparagus, and the sweetness of mango. One bite after another” – quite promising.  

Thai netizens responded

The post has been shared over a thousand times and flooded with comments, expressing shock and despair beyond words. (So they used lots of memes instead)


Translation: Blasphemy. [The meme] Shizuka wants to fight you.


Translation: If this was in Thailand, we would need a spicy seafood dip and fried shallots.


Translation: Explain to me how these things go together again?

Challenge your tastebuds

Image credit: Mirror Media

If you’re taking a holiday in Taiwan once the pandemic subsides, don’t forget to challenge yourself with this bizarre food item in Fangyuan Township. Just make sure that your stomach is made of steel. 

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Featured image adapted from: สายกิน, Mirror Media

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