Online order gone wrong

This man is the “latest victim” of an online marketplace’s flash sale after deciding to purchase an item he really wanted that later turned out to be quite a surprising buy – to say the least. 

Image credit: โกศล แสนขันแก้ว

Earlier this month, Mr Kosol thought he scored a nice deal when deciding to buy a super cheap pink tent online, which was priced between ฿390 to ฿520.

But when the parcel arrived, he realised he made a tad mistake by not reading a description because the item turned out to be – though looking identical to the photo – a pint-size tent. 

Image credit: โกศล แสนขันแก้ว

He even tried to “get in inside” and only his head could do so – yep it’s that small. 

Mr. Kosol then shared this bitterly-hilarious story on his personal Facebook with photos on 10th November 2020. The post has since been shared over 24,000 times!

Camping plan… cancelled


In his post, Mr. Kosol also mentioned that he meant to go camping with his special one, which was the sole reason why he purchased this pink tent in the first place. 

Aw, this is quite sad, but funny nevertheless. 

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Featured image adapted from: โกศล แสนขันแก้ว

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