Mini rice cooker

We all love cheap stuff, especially when shopping online during special monthly promotions like 10.10 or 11.11.


Like all of us, one Thai lady thought she scored a surprisingly good deal for a rice cooker during the recent 10.10 sale which was priced at ฿64 (~USD2) on 10th October 2020.

But when things didn’t turn out as expected, she was quick to share the story on social media.

Not what she expected

Image credit: Khaosod 

The shopper posted a photo of what her ‘rice cooker’ looked like in real life after she received the parcel from the postman.

She admitted that she thought it was just a small rice cooker on sale – well, she wasn’t wrong – and she wasn’t careful enough to read the description thoroughly.

She also wanted to ask the seller why they were selling something like this.


Had the shopper read the name of the product carefully, she would have seen that the title included the description: “1 : 12 for dolls”.

Yep, this is a doll-sized rice cooker figurine. Another indicator could have been the suspicious lack of buttons, but hey, the sale was too good to miss we suppose!

This is a valuable lesson to us all. Read the details before hitting that ‘Buy’ button just because it’s cheap. 

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Featured image adapted from: Shopee and Khaosod 

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