Sand dunes in Thailand

There have been a couple of Grand Canyon doppelgangers in Thailand these past couple of years whether it’s Sam Phan Bok, Snow Mountain, or Hang Dong Quarry, reminding us of the Kingdom’s natural grandeur.

Coming to the surface is another hidden gem in Surat Thani, Nern Tsai Muang Gae, that strikes as a photogenic spot of sand dunes in varying heights that will temporarily take you on a trip to Mars.

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Nern Tsai Muang Gae

sand mountain
Image credit: Pantip

Hiding in a village in the southern part of Thailand, Nern Tsai Muang Gae or Gae Mine Sand Dunes are hardened sand piles that have transformed into a conglomerate composed of layers of loose sand.

high sand dunes
The rocky sand kind of makes you feel like tramping on a martian land
Image credit: Pantip

What’s also beautiful about the dunes are its monochromatic colours given texture by the rough edges of the sand mountain; just the right blend for an IG-worthy background.

girl poses in sand dunes bg
Wide shots are a great way to make you pop
Image credit: @tiny.mond

girl throws hat2
Instead of candids, throw a hat to make it a little more fun
Image credit: @sandeesandee

Just like every other hidden gem, Nern Tsai Muang Gae has a history of its own: these hills of sand are leftover from an old mine tracing back to 1926.

Today, it has transformed into nature’s very own work of art that features a stellar view up top. The best times to visit are the early morning to see the sunrise and late afternoon – when the weather has cooled down – if you’re more into sunsets.

scenic view
The calm morning view.
Image credit: Pantip

sunset view
Feel the last warmth of the sun as it sets.
Image credit: TripNiceDay

So, pack a bag because the great sand dunes of Surat Thani awaits you.

Getting to Nern Tsai Muang Gae

If you have a car, you can drive straight to the location via Google Maps, which will take around 9 hours from Bangkok. But if that is not an option, you can just take the plane, bus, or hop on a train at Hua Lamphong station to the province before grabbing a taxi to get you all the way.

sand dunes and kids
Image credit: Pantip

And Nern Tsai Muang Gae doesn’t have to be your only stop. While you’re down there, you can hop on a boat to Koh Samui or Koh Pha Ngan, or visit the local attractions such as Khao Sok National Park to get the best of Surat Thani.

Nern Tsai Muang Gae
Opening Hours: 8AM – 6PM
Address: Na San, Ban Na San District, Surat Thani 84120
Google Maps

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Cover images adapted from: TripNiceDay (Left), @sandeesandee (Centre), Pantip (Right)

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