Places to stargaze in Thailand

Rooftop bars and restaurants in Bangkok might offer you a stunning view of the city and clear skies, but you will never experience a sky full of stars in a vibrant city full of lights for sure. 

Let’s go from enjoying skyscraper views downtown to spending time under the stars at these gorgeous stargazing spots in Thailand. 

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1. Doi Samer Dao – Nan

Stargazing Spots In Thailand
Images adapted from: ชีวิตมันไม่ง่ายอย่างที่คิด, Makalius, and @moddang_ma

Doi Samer Dao is located at Sinan National Park in Nan, with a large camping ground and ample spots to stargaze from. It is open from October to February, which rings in cooler winter temperatures visitors can enjoy.

Doi means ‘mountain’, and samer dao roughly translates to ‘where the stars shine’. The name refers to how its location is ‘on the same level’ as a starry sky.

Stargazing Spots In Thailand
Image credit: ดอยเสมอดาวเช่าเต้นท์

You will be impressed by the expansive view of the sky without any obstructions or light pollution. You can sit on the grass and get a photo that looks like a picture perfect computer wallpaper – doesn’t the photo above look like a night-version of the iconic Windows XP photograph?

Don’t forget to check out Sao Din Na Noi which is located nearby for a stunning scenery of natural dirt formations with the milky way as a backdrop.

Stargazing Spots In Thailand
Image credit: ดอยเสมอดาวเช่าเต้นท์ 

Visitors can rent a tent from ฿345 (~USD11.10)/night or opt for a house from ฿1,800 (~USD57.80)/night for 6 people. Make your reservations here before visiting.

Doi Samer Dao
Address: Sisaket Sub-district, Na Noi District, Nan, Thailand.
Opening Hours: National Park Office – 9AM – 4PM, Daily
Telephone: +66 9 3242 2914
Entrance Fee: Thais: adult ฿20, children ฿10 | Foreigners: adult ฿100, children ฿50
Doi Samer Dao website | Facebook | Google Maps

2 . Phu Kradueng National Park – Loei

Phu Kadueng in Thailand
Image credit: รีวิวไปเรื่อยย

Phu Kradueng is known among locals as a destination for couples to prove their true love as visitors will need to take a 9km hike to see the view from the top. Are you willing to go the mile(s) for your boo?

Now, the walk can take over 5 hours, but the cool surroundings and beautiful nature scapes along the way will make you feel relaxed while you’re on your way.

Khao Yai in Thailand
Images adapted from: 7NOVEMBER and @budpakdeewan

Each month offers different atmospheres and moods: 

  • October to November: peak waterfall flow, sea of fog, and lush green views 
  • December to January: red Maple leaves 
  • February to May: Springtime flower gardens and clear skies, perfect for stargazing

Stargazing Spots In Thailand
Photographers will have tons of tall trees as the props here
Image credit: pencil 

The national park starts welcoming visitors everyday from 7am, and people are not allowed to walk up or walk down the mountain after 2pm in order to avoid getting stuck in the dark. 

Tents and bed sets are on offer, so you can stay the night to catch the stars. Dome tents for 2 people start from ฿225 (~USD7.20)/night. There is no electricity, so it’s recommended to bring along a power bank and portable lights. 

Phu Kradueng National Park
Address: Si Than Sub-district, Phu Kradueng District, Loei, Thailand.
Opening Hours: 7AM – 2PM, Daily
Entrance Fee: Thais: adult ฿40, children ฿20 | Foreigners: adult ฿400, children ฿200
Google Maps

3. Doi Luang Chiang Dao – Chiang Mai

Doi Luang Chaing Dao
Image credit: The Walker 

With no electricity, mobile signals, and WiFi access, Doi Luang Chian Dao is the perfect place to fully immerse yourself in nature. And of course, there will be no light pollution to bother your stargazing adventures here. 

The mountain takes about an hour’s drive from the city centre of Chiang Mai, and opens from 1st November to 31st March with a 150 visitor limit per year.

Doi Luang Chiang Dao
The peak of Doi Luang Chiang Dao
Image credit: FOTOFAKA

To spend a night on the mountain peak, you should prepare the necessary utensils, food, and enough water because the route is around 8.5km and pure wilderness awaits at the top.

Stargazing Spots In Thailand
Images adapted from: @nantkai, DozzDIY, and Blue Legs

Travellers who are interested have to make advanced reservations via +66 5 345 6623. There are various homestays and local resorts set along the way to the mountain, and each offers great views of the sky full of stars too. 

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Doi Luang Chiang Dao
Address: Chiang Dao Sub-district, Chiang Dao District, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Entrance Fee: Free
Google Maps

4. Khao Yai National Park – Nakhon Ratchasima

Khao Yai is equipped with all sorts of attractions like the mini Italy of Palio Village, a Lord of the Rings-style hobbit resort, and various flower gardens.

Stargazing Spots In Thailand
Image credit: นพสิทธิ์ โพธิโกมลวัฒน์

We’ve featured the hidden gem of Lam Taklong Dam in our list of secret gems in Thailand, and it’s making an appearance once again as it’s a great place for stargazing too. There are rental tents available from ฿200 (~USD6.40)/night

Stargazing Spots In Thailand
Lam Ta Klong camping ground
Image credit: @nextkorat

If you’re looking forward to having a fancier star-cation, book a stay at one of Casa De Montana’s clear bubble igloo where you’ll be able to see the stars right from your bed. 

Clear bubble tents in Thailand
Image credit: @alicha_siri 

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Khao Yai National Park
Address: Hin Tung Sub-district, Mueang Nakhon Nayok District, Nakhon Nayok, Thailand.
Entrance Fee: Thais: adult ฿40, children ฿20 | Foreigners: adult ฿400, children ฿200
Google Maps

5. Doi Mon Jong – Chiang Mai

Doi Mon Jong in Chiang Mai
Images adapted from: @bankpyt and @kin.pakinn 

Doi Mon Jong is located at Omkoi Wildlife Sanctuary in Chiang Mai. This is a highly Instagrammable spot that’s a fave among both locals and travellers due to its golden fields at the top of the mountain from January to February. 

Stargazing Spots In Thailand
Image credit: พงศ์พล รินไธสง

You’ll be walking right along the mountain’s ridges, so maximum safety is necessary. Visitors will need to make a reservation in order for a professional guide to guide you along the way. Hey, no one said navigating nature was easy!

Stargazing Spots In Thailand
Image credit: @totay168 

All that adrenaline will be worth it once you’re greeted by the awesome sight of the mountainscape with the milky way lighting up the sky.

Campsites are available to reserve just from ฿50 (~USD1.60)/night for 2 persons, but you have to prepare your food and drinks by yourself. There are local porters to help transport your bags, with prices starting from ฿300 (~USD9.60)

Doi Mon Jong
Address: Mon Chong Sub-district, Omkoi District, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Telephone: +66 9 255 9720 | +66 8 1035 9468
Entrance Fee: Thais: adult ฿20, children ฿10 | Foreigners: adult ฿200, children ฿100
Website | Facebook | Google Maps

6. Phu Lanka National Park – Payao 

Phu Langka in Thailand
Image credit: @mong_sarawut

Phu Lanka National Park is another place that has locals buzzing thanks to its unspoiled nature and heavy fog that swirls around the valleys, providing a beautiful view many chase after.

Stargazing Spots In Thailand
Image credit: @yos_yiddo, อ้ายกึ่มมักเล๊าะ, and พาวัวไปล่าม

Phu Lanka at night is as stunning as it is in the mornings. Visitors can spend a night at the local resorts and homestays or rent a tent from the national park office from just ฿150 (~USD5.00)/night.

Stargazing Spots In Thailand
Image credit: @kitzana 

Another spot you shouldn’t miss here is Magic Mountain, a local coffee cafe to get a hot cup of coffee to enjoy with a beautiful view from their balcony.

Phu Langka in Thailand
Image credit: @saly.talonpaitour 

Phu Lanka National Park
Address: Pha Chang Noi Sub-district, Pong District, Phayao, Thailand.
Telephone: +66 8 1883 0307
Entrance Fee: Thais: adult ฿20, children ฿10 | Foreigners: adult ฿100, children ฿50
Google Maps

7. Pang Oung – Mae Hong Son

Pang Oung in Mae Hong Son
Image credit: แบกแฟนเที่ยว

Pang Oung in Mae Hong Son looks just like Switzerland with its large reservoir and green pine trees set along the bank. 

Stargazing Spots In Thailand
Images adapted from: Traveloka, Makalius, and เที่ยววนไป

Other than the gorgeous scenery in a day, Pang Oung is also perfect for stargazing. Photo lovers can get their cameras ready for long exposure shots of the shining stars in the sky that are also reflected on the peaceful water. 

Stargazing Spots In Thailand
Image credit: @sitnear

Tents can be rented from ฿400 (~USD12.80)/night, but do note that they have a limit of 100 tents per day. Once you’ve got everything set, don’t miss waking up early to see the fog roll in over the water in the morning – an entirely different sight than how it is at night.

Pang Oung
Address: Ban Rak Thai, Mok Cham Pae Sub-district, Mueang Mae Hong Son District, Mae Hong Son, Thailand.
Entrance Fee: Thais: adult ฿20, children ฿10 | Foreigners: adult ฿100, children ฿50
Google Maps

8. Mor Hin Khao – Chaiyaphum 

Mor Hin Khao in Thailand
Images adapted from: Close to Heavens and @nikcyclist 

Mor Hin Khao at Phu Laen Kha National Park in Chaiyaphum is known as the “Stonehenge of Thailand”. At the site you’ll find five large sandstones – an extraordinary and one-of-a-kind sight in Thailand.

Mor Hin Khao
Image credit: Nik Cyclist

The night sky changes the mood of the area, making it become more mysterious. Don’t be surprised to see lots of other photographers camping with their cameras here.

Stargazing Spots In Thailand
Image credit: Thailand Top Vote

The campground is available at fees of ฿50 (~USD1.60) for adults and ฿40 (~USD1.30) for children, but visitors have to bring tents and equipment by themselves. 

Mor Hin Khao
Address: Tha Hin Ngom Sub-district, Mueang Chaiyaphum District, Chaiyaphum, Thailand.
Opening Hours: 8AM – 6PM, Daily
Entrance Fee: Thais: adult ฿20, children ฿10
Google Maps

9. Lalu – Sa Kaeo

Lalu in Thailand
Image credit: Edtguide

Lalu looks like a mini Grand Canyon, much like the one in Chiang Mai. The area features soil formations in different sizes and patterns which is a great spot for tricking your friends into thinking you’re in a far flung location that isn’t Thailand. 

Only local farm trucks are allowed to access the area as the land is sensitive, thus, no personal cars are allowed to minimise potential damage to the area.

Stargazing Spots In Thailand
Image credit: @shebabala_cr 

The place becomes more fascinating at night. Photo lovers can get a picture of the soil formations as a unique backdrop. The combinations of the rocks and starry sky almost give the place an otherworldly feel – go ahead and get a sci-fi photo collection and pretend you’re on a rocky planet!

Stargazing Spots In Thailand
Images adapted from: Edtguide and แบกกล้องเที่ยว

Address: Thap Rat Sub-district, Ta Phraya District, Sa Kaeo, Thailand.
Opening Hours: 24H, Daily
Entrance Fee: ฿200 (~USD6.40) for a local car to Lalu available for passengers up to 10 people per car.
Google Maps

10. Saphan Daeng Matchanu – Samut Sakhon 

If you’re crunched for time and can’t make a trip to any of the provinces mentioned above, we’ve got you covered. Take just an hour’s drive from Bangkok city centre to Saphan Daeng Matchanu in Samut Sakhon instead.

Stargazing Spots In Thailand
Image credit: onfly

This 700m bridge is a prime location for photogenic sunsets. Then, just wait till it gets dark and this place transforms into the best stargazing spot for Bangkokians who’d like to escape the bright lights of the city.

Stargazing Spots In Thailand
Image credit: onfly

There is a mangrove forest with a walkway and restaurants, so come here for a fun day trip over the weekend with your family and friends and end the night with a starry feast for the eyes.

Beautiful bridge in Thailand
Images adapted from: @wowa_pat, คุณแม่ปาปารัสซี่, and @zome_ichyapa  

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Saphan Daeng Matchanu
Address: Phanthai Norasing Sub-district, Mueang Samut Sakhon District, Samut Sakhon, Thailand.
Entrance Fee: Free

Time to enjoy wintertime in Thailand

Thai people usually prepare fresh ingredients and snacks to enjoy BBQ or moo kata (หมูกะทะ) under the stars. Most campsites have cooking equipment like pans and charcoal for visitors, so do check before heading down.

Be sure to pack along some insect repellent and sunburn protection as some of these spots require quite a bit of trekking.

Winter is the perfect time to see the stars as the sky is clear. Thailand’s winter is coming this November to January, so it is the perfect time for you and your beloved ones to plan a stargazing trip in Thailand.

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Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): พงศ์พล รินไธสง, @shebabala_cr, pencil 

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