Eye-catching exhibits at Bangkok Planetarium

Museums may not be on your typical things-to-do list as they ‘re exactly exciting. All you’d expect to do is pay for the ticket, walk around, and read information charts during a normal trip to the museum. 

However, Bangkok Planetarium is one science museum that not only offers tons of interesting things to learn about but also various IG-worthy spots that all photo buffs should check out.

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Get your cameras ready for outer space shots

Bangkok Planetarium is an outer space exhibition in BangkokImage credit: Everydeaw

Bangkok Planetarium is Southeast Asia’s oldest planetarium and focuses on teaching visitors all about space and astronomy through interactive activities, exhibits, and multimedia presentations.  

For Thai locals, most of us may have experienced a school trip at Bangkok Planetarium only to probably never visit again after their first time. 

However, the planetarium is constantly revamping itself and aims to make the world of science appealing to the younger generation too. Thus, it goes beyond being just a learning hub but also has awesome IG checkpoints to get cool shots – all while learning something new.

Neon spot in Bangkok PlanetariumImage credit: Everydeaw

Located behind the Space and Time section is a neon blue tunnel with super funky outer space vibes. 

Aside from taking a normal shot, you can also get a Boomerang here as the neon lights are always changing. Wearing a white shirt is recommended to blend in with your surroundings!

Photogenic spots in BangkokImage credit: Everydeaw

Another checkpoint is this trippy rainbow tube that can make your eyes feel “numb” for a while. 

Photogenic spots in Bangkok
This cute planet backdrop is great for a shot with tons of stars and planets
Image credit: Everydeaw

Planet tours and films about space 

Bangkok museum with photogenic spotsImage credit: Everydeaw

Other than all the photogenic spots and exhibitions around, Bangkok Planetarium also offers a tour of the universe under a dome roof. You will be provided with lots of information about our planets, solar system, and the different starts star along with interesting stories. 

Moreover, there is a film called “From Earth To The Universe” available to watch for free too. 

Photogenic spot inside Bangkok PlanetariumImage credit: @didedas

The place is very accessible, being just a short walk from Ekkamai BTS station.  

Whether you want to do something fun with your family or head out on a romantic date, visit the Bangkok Planetarium to see the stars, get some pics, and have an enriching day out.  

For more information, you can contact them directly via Facebook.

Bangkok Planetarium
Admission: Children: ฿20 (~USD0.60) | Adults: ฿30 (~USD0.90)
Address: 928 Sukhumvit Rd, Phra Khanong Sub-district, Khlong Toei District, Bangkok 10110.
Opening Hours: 9AM – 4PM (Closed on Monday)
Nearest Train Station: BTS Ekkamai
Telephone: +66 2 392 1773
Bangkok Planetarium website | Google Maps

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Cover images adapted from: Everydeaw

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