Buddha statue in Sukhothai

Sukhothai was Thailand’s first capital city, and now it’s a province. Located 400km from Thailand’s current capital, Bangkok, the ancient city of Sukhothai boasts Wat Si Chum or “Temple of Bodhi Tree”, which accommodates an extra IG-worthy Buddha statue

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A relic from the 13th Century 

The Buddha statue is from the 13th century, and is tucked away in a roofless pavilion – this mega structure is roughly around 15 metres in height and 11 metres in width.

Sukhothai Has An IG-Worthy Open-Roof TempleImage credit: @lapakteaw 

Renewed by the Fine Arts Department in the 50s, the statue was named Phra Achana, which means “one who isn’t afraid” according to Renown Travel.

Sukhothai Has An IG-Worthy Open-Roof Temple
Image credit: @chomcheese

This Sukhothai Buddha image has a calming ambience that’s contrasted with the wear and tear that comes with being 7 centuries old.

Legend has it that one of Thailand’s army generals delivered an encouraging speech from the top of the statue and his troops believed it was the Buddha speaking to them. 

Sukhothai Has An IG-Worthy Open-Roof Temple
Image credit: @sadhu.sadhu.sadhu

Even a shot from above, the Buddha sits in serenity and elegance – with panoramic views of the sunset and hills that surround the area.

Sukhothai Has An IG-Worthy Open-Roof Temple
Image credit: @armnarin

The statue sits behind a gate in the pavilion.

Sukhothai Has An IG-Worthy Open-Roof TempleThe hands of the Buddha image are covered in golden leaves – where locals make merit to honour Buddha’s teachings.
Image credit: @manas_sangvong

Covering your knees and shoulders are required to visit this holy site.

Explore ancient sites in Thailand

Thailand is full of temples and Buddha relics – this IG-worthy open roof temple houses this buddha image. The image seems to be very elegant and worth the visit, plus Sukhothai UNESCO World Heritage Site that was recovered during excavations.

Wat Si Chum
Address: Mueang Kao, Mueang Sukhothai District, Sukhothai 64210
Opening Hours: 6AM – 5PM Daily
Entrance fee: ฿100 (~USD3.77) for non-Thais, ฿10 (~USD0.33) for Thais
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