Oscar Apartment in Thailand closes

Businessesbig and small – are permanently hanging the ‘closed’ sign everyday. With the frequency of establishments shutting their doors during Covid-19, no one seems to bat an eye anymore. But, when it comes to places that have a story, it is hard for people to neglect.

Just yesterday, a Facebook page announced that Oscar Apartment – an iconic movie location for horrors – is closing down, and Thailand’s netizens are shocked. 

Place full of stories in Bangkok

On 18th March 2021, Oscar Apartment, once a popular location for horror movies and a place of residence, was reported to be taking off its hat by the Facebook page Theplocation. Being featured in famous movies like ‘Buppha Rahtree‘ and ‘Oh My Ghosts!’, netizens gathered to learn more about its story, while some shared the post that now has over 4,700 shares.

oscar apartment movie
A shot in ‘Buppha Rahtree’.
Image credit: Documentary Club

According to Theplocation, the apartment was not only used in horror films but in all types of productions, like music videos and TV commercials over the past two decades. However, because of the sheer amount of scary movies it had appeared in, many believe that the place is actually haunted; there are even some rooms on the fifth floor with doors that are nailed shut. 

oscar apartment building
The building wears out as it becomes empty without residents.
Image credit: Theplocation

oscar apartment escalator
A broken escalator left until dust.
Image credit: Theplocation

oscar apartment rooms
An old corner in the building.
Image credit: Theplocation

Oscar Apartment also used to house a cinema under the same name. The theatre has since gone out of business, giving the residence a greater air of mystery and further daring supernatural-enthusiasts to visit. 

oscar apartment cinema
A cinema that no longer plays.
Image credit: Theplocation

As of today, Oscar Apartment is no longer available for rent but is still open as a location for productions, as well as a residence for its remaining staff who mainly maintain the building.

Ex-tenant refutes ‘haunting’ claims

While the building’s facade and history with horror films have many wondering about supernatural inhabitants, an ex-tenant who lived there for ten years revealed that there is nothing haunting about the place; not once did she hear a ghost story surrounding it, according to Kapook.

In fact, she expressed that the people living there were more scary than the ragged looks of the building itself. Sometimes, bloody fights would even occur since it is situated near to a massage parlour.

oscar aprtment facebook comment
The comment by an ex-tenant living there for ten years.
Screenshot: Theplocation

Translation: Lived there for ten years since the productions started using the location for movies, music videos and commercials. The highlight of my years living there is getting teased by ‘Uncle Khom’; I was so happy. Never once met a ghost, just a few fights here and there.

There is, however, a bright side to her experience of living there: the tenant mentioned that she had encountered and even had conversations with a couple of famous actors and actresses who were there for their shoots.

Moment of silence

Despite the fact that it is going to continue to appear in productions, the closing down of Oscar Apartment still deserves a moment of silence for the contributions it has made for many legendary Thai horror films.

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Cover images adapted from: Theplocation

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