Vending machine makes cannabis coffee

Ever since certain parts of the marijuana plant were legalized for commercial uses in Thailand, our market has been swarmed with hemp businesses left and right – from restaurants to cafes. And the latest addition?

Standing at a restaurant in Rayong, a vending machine has recently been installed to serve ฿20 (~USD0.65) hot drinks infused with medical marijuana and it’s becoming sensational.

‘Marijuana Cafe’ vending machine Thailand

Earlier this month, the Thai government officially allowed for the use of cannabis in food and cosmetics, as reported by Bloomberg

Thailand seems to be working quickly – just three days ago, it was reported that there is now a vending machine selling cannabis drinks at a low price. The machine is raking in attention from the public both in the physical and digital world.

From a distance, the machine looks exactly like every other local coffee making machine in terms of size and function.

Cannabis coffee vending machine
Image credit: TrueID

But, take a step further and you’ll start noticing a very funny leaf stamped all over the vendor’s body. Keep going and right there in plain sight, you’ll see a sign saying “Marijuana Cafe”.

Cannabis coffee cup
Image credit: TrueID

It is the first and only of its kind in Thailand. A cup of coffee costs under a dollar, it attracted a pretty large crowd to try its three hot menus – Marijuana Coffee, Marijuana Cocoa, and Marijuana Taiwan Milk Tea. As written on Matichon, the drinks received positive reviews with comments describing them as smooth and having a healthy, happy aftertaste; no side effects detected.

Roots of the cafe’s idea

The owner of the vending machine, Warut Chanovanna, shared that the idea was born during Covid-imposed holiday. Seeing that weed infused food and drinks were becoming a thing, he chose to join the club, but with an edge – a robot serving the drinks.

Guy holding cannabis coffee
Image credit: TrueID

His cannabis creation went through trial-and-error to ensure the best tastes and the right recipes with help from his relative, who is a researcher specializing in the cannabis plant. After making sure that everything was in place, including the business being within the laws, he finally launched his first vending machine at a restaurant called Krua Sato in Rayong, as stated in Matichon.

As for the cannabis, Warut guaranteed that the leaves used were of the best quality purchased from a legitimate source. With such great feedback, he is thinking of adding variety to the menu perhaps bringing us some more good news soon into the future.

Herbalicious is the new delicious

With ganja news appearing horizon after horizon, it makes us wonder what hemp creativity is coming up next. One thing for sure, we can now start putting “herbalicious” into our food vocabulary here in Thailand.

Krua Sato
Opening Hours: 11AM – 12AM
Address: 300/5 Rajbamrung Rd, Noen Phra Sub-district, Mueang Rayong District, Rayong 21000
Telephone: +66-3-801-8602
Website | Google Maps

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