Restaurant shows customer an act of kindness

It’s no denying that Thailand is going through a tough time with many issues to deal with: whether it’s vaccines running low, Covid-19 cases that seem to be on the rise daily, or the economy that is still on its way towards improvement.

Nevertheless, the country is doing its best to take it in stride and bring us towards better days.

This includes its people, who have been showing generosity to each other in these unprecedented times. For example, this restaurant in Chon Buri gave a customer an extra meal for free after learning that she was struggling to feed her two children.

Here’s the whole story.

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Mother of two gets an extra meal for free after politely asking

On 2nd July 2021, Thai restaurant, Rarn Mae Krua Tua Glom received an order for Thai omelette with rice, which costs ฿50 (~USD1.50). The order came with the note, “Can I get an extra-large portion? My salary hasn’t come out yet and I have two kids to feed, I’m afraid it won’t be enough for them. If it’s not possible, then it’s okay.”

The restaurant took the request to heart and gave the customer another serving for free, in addition to an upsized portion.

Here, they also wrote a note on the receipt saying, “The other box is on us, please enjoy the meal and have your fill.” *Cries happy tears*
Image credit: ร้านแม่ครัวตัวกลม

After detailing the situation on their Facebook page, the restaurant quickly went viral for their act of kindness.

The customer’s note in orange text
Image credit: ร้านแม่ครัวตัวกลม

Within a few days, the post received over 5,300 shares and 15,000 likes.

Netizens fill the comments section with blessings

Despite Rarn Mae Krua Tua Glom doing just one small act of kindness, their actions show that restaurant’s level of compassion and wholesomeness is way up there.

Many netizens can be seen saying “thank you” on the behalf of the children who received the free meal.

Screenshot: One News

Translation: Thank you on behalf of the children. Shopkeeper *Love hand sign and heart emojis*

Others are wishing for the restaurant’s success as well as asking for their location for future visits.

Screenshot: ร้านแม่ครัวตัวกลม

Translation: In the midst of a crisis, at least there’s still something for us to smile about. Hope your business continues to grow. 

Screenshot: ร้านแม่ครัวตัวกลม

Translation: You are a good person. It’s a little thing you do, but I can see that it comes from the heart. Wish for the success of your business. (Where is the shop BTW? I want to support you)

It’s definitely an inspirational story we want to keep seeing.

Together we stand

What this story reminds us is that no matter how bad things may look, we are never alone, as there will always be a hand out there that is waiting to lend you its help.

Kudos to Rarn Mae Krua Tua Glom for keeping the kids’ tummies full for another day and for being an inspiration to others in such a challenging time. With people continuing to help each other like this, it might not be long until we arrive at our better days.

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Cover images adapted from: ร้านแม่ครัวตัวกลม

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