Rescue team helps ducklings 

Ducklings are adorable waterfowls that naturally become elite-level waders  – both in and out of the water – once they find their footing as adults.

As babies, though, they rely a lot on their mothers to get from one place to another. It seems that this family of two ducks and five ducklings in Trat also needed some extra assistance to cross a street. 

Thanks to a rescue team, these lucky ducks were able to make it safely across the four-lane road. 

But how did these ducklings end up where they were? How did they manage to get help? 

Let’s find out just how these critters made it across a major interstate. 

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Rescue team carries ducks across four-lane road 

On 24th June 2021, a Trat-based emergency rescue team responded to a call from police officer about five ducklings and two ducks that seemed to be stranded on the side of a four-lane road. The officer said the duckies needed assistance to get to the other side, where there was a grassy area, according to Naewna.

Together with the officer that made the call, the rescue team carried five ducklings and one duck across the street to a grassy area. 

Unfortunately, one of the adult ducks flew away due to fear. 

A risky mission: nervous ducks could’ve flown into traffic

rescue-team-helps-ducklingsImage credit: Naewna

Before getting the ducks across the street, the rescue team and police officer first had to catch them. And it wasn’t an easy feat. 

When they finally managed to catch the ducks, they were still – understandably – wriggling. So, the rescuers needed to be extra cautious in transporting them to the grassy area, because these waterfowls could have scrambled out of their hands and into the road. 

rescue-team-helps-ducklingsImage credit: Naewna

In fact, these water birds were first discovered in the middle of the road by the police officer who made the call. He was cruising down the road in his pick-up truck when he noticed the ducks attempting to cross the road, and stopped his vehicle for them.

But, they reverted back to where they started. 

Hence, the officer sought help from the rescue team.

Ducks find a new home across the street

According to 75-year-old local granny, Ms. Porn Jaidee, the ducks now always hang out in the grassy patch that the rescue team had brought them to. 

rescue-team-helps-ducklingsThe ducks’ new home
Image credit: Naewna

Behind the grassy patch, there’s also a small pond for them to swim around.

Ms. Jaidee also added that she hasn’t seen any signs of them being hit by a car, reported by Channel News 7

Duckies need a stable habitat

With the ducks happy in their new home and abiding by pedestrian laws, it seems like a happily-ever-after for all. From the ducks’ actions, it seems that they were trying to find their way to a new home in the grass patch all along, and even risked their lives to get there.

Kudos to the police officer and rescue team for helping this duck family across the road, and directing them where they seemed like they wanted to be.

Let’s be sure to keep any potential ducks habitats – parks, ponds, grassy patches – clean and fresh. That way, there will be more places for the ducks to settle so that they won’t have to cross a four-lane road to find a new home. 

Cover images adapted from: Naewna

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