Motorcycle bursts into flames

Motorcycles are one of the most popular modes of transportation in Thailand. Whether it’s walking past a loud group of motorbike taxi drivers in orange vests, or merchants zipping by with crazy loads on the back of their bike, every person Thailand has their own story about these two-wheeled chariots.

Although, seeing a motorcycle spontaneously combust is quite unimaginable.

Well, the unimaginable incident has recently occurred right at a Thai intersection, where the owner of a motorcycle noticed his motorcycle had burst into flames. Lucky for him, locals around the area helped him put out the fire.

Let’s see how these brave locals helped this man after such a strange accident occurred.

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Motorcycle’s flames put out by extinguisher

A video clip of the incident was shared by Globe on 4th July 2021. The video shows a driver, upon noticing smoke coming out of his motorbike, pulling over to the side of an intersection to inspect the engine. When he opened the seat to get a closer look, the vehicle’s driver was met with high-climbing flames and quickly started signaling for help. Just as fast as the driver reacted, locals around him rushed over to put out the fire.

Screenshot: Globe – Bangkok’s News + Lifestyle

Those around him quickly brought over pails and bottles of water to put out the flame, but their good intentions only seemed to make the fire spread and grow even larger.

Screenshot: Globe – Bangkok’s News + Lifestyle

About a minute into pouring water over the blazing bike, the flames seemed to calm – until seconds later, when it reignited and engulfed the entire vehicle.

Screenshot: BaiFern Yumi

Fortunately, there was someone with a fire extinguisher nearby. The rescuer quickly dashed across the street, and put out the mini-inferno with his handy fire extinguisher.

Screenshot: BaiFern Yumi

Luckily, no one was injured in the scene and the two-wheeled chariot wasn’t left completely in ashes.

Image credit: BaiFern Yumi

While it’s a basic rule that water kills fire, there are certain instances where this won’t work. Nevertheless, it’s commendable that these locals were so quick to help a man whose motorcycle had spontaneously burst into flames.

Motorcycle’s flames were fed by water

A combination of water and fire typically results in smoke, as water is heavier than oxygen molecules that feed the fire. Add fuel – say, from a gasoline-powered motorcycle – and we get exactly what the video shows: a growing flame.

That is because fuel is lighter than water. Combine water and fuel, and the gasoline – which now acts as the fire’s “base” – will float above water, making it pretty close to impossible to completely put out. You might have heard of a house being set on fire due after water being thrown into a pan full of cooking oil – it’s because of the same principle.

It’s also the same case for the locals who struggled to put out the fire with water. What we can learn, in addition to how far a helping hand can go, is that having a fire extinguisher lying around your home is very helpful, and maybe even crucial.

Stay alert like this man

This man’s initiative to stay alert led to him being able to catch his bike in smoke and pulling over, instead of being caught on a motorbike in flames. So kudos to those quick reflexes.

Accidents like these can occur anytime and for emergency reasons, you can contact Thailand’s fire patrol by dialing 199.

Though there are things beyond our control, we can still choose to be in a safe environment and keep ourselves up-to-date on the protocol.

Cover images adapted from: BaiFern Yumi

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