IG-famous doctor offers free advertisement services

Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on Thailand’s economy, especially the tourism and service sectors. Due to the safety measures set by the government, many food and beverage businesses have temporarily closed or have been forced to shut down.

Luckily, there are locals like Dr. Kang who are offering free advertisement services to aid them. This Instagram-famous doctor has asked restaurants to send him their menus, which he will then repost onto his story in order to bring them more exposure. 

Here’s how his method is helping those in the food business, and how to contact him.

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IG-famous doctor promotes on Instagram

On 29th June 2021, Mr. Ariyatash Tungsanga a.k.a. Dr. Kang posted on his Instagram account that he will share on his IG story images of menus from any eatery that sends him a picture of what they offer. His announcement comes just days after the official order for restaurants to pause dine-in services. 

IG-famous-doctorThe post reads: Promote your food business for free. I’m happy to help out through my IG story. You only need to send me photos. You don’t have to send your food to me.
Image credit: @kang_touch_this

Interested restaurants can reach out to Dr. Kang directly on his Instagram account, @kang_touch_this

He also posted his motivations behind offering a helping hand. 

Screenshot: @kang_touch_this

Who is Doctor Kang?

Dr. Kang works at one of Thailand’s renowned medical centres. 

dr-kangImage credit: @kang_touch_this

He personally is health conscious and often blogs about his fitness lifestyle on his social media account. 

In addition to his knowledge, Dr. Kang’s charming persona has allowed him to appear in some of Thailand’s most prominent Thai media, like Sanook or Line Today to discuss healthy lifestyle habits

dr-kangImage credit: @kang_touch_this

Besides being IG-famous doctor and fitness junkie, Dr. Kang is also an adventure lover. 

As a certified scuba diver, Dr. Kang enjoys going on liveaboards – it’s like a cruise, but instead of spending your days lounging at the bar, you’re doing at least three dives a day. 

dr-kangImage credit: @kang_touch_this

A selfless doctor

With the Hippocratic oath that medical practitioners take, they vow to help and save peoples’ lives in any way they can. Dr. Kang’s initiative to help struggling restaurants displays how one can keep their vow while also branching out. 

Kudos to Dr. Kang for his selfless sacrifices in being a frontliner and wanting to assist struggling businesses. 

It’s important to always be kind and the doctor is a good example of this. We’re excited to see the outcomes of his initiative. 

Cover images adapted from: @kang_touch_this

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