Monitor lizard house attack in Thailand

There are def many stories about water monitor lizards in Thailand, whether it’s one that goes “shopping” in a Thai 7-Eleven store or another that hilariously gets its head stuck in a can for an entire month. Oh my god.

But have you heard of “clouded” monitor lizards, a.k.a. water monitor lizards’ cousins?

A couple of days ago in Lampang, we’ve discovered that two clouded monitor lizards have been living in a local’s kitchen ceiling for a month  – mating all day all night. Seeing that they might collapse the ceiling soon, the house owner decided it was time for the rescue officers to come in.

Here’s what is going on with the lizard couple.

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Clouded monitor lizards mating activities damage kitchen ceiling

On the evening of 29th June, a rescue team in Lampang gave a woman, Mrs. Thanyanan, a visit after she claimed that two clouded monitor lizards have been dwelling in her kitchen ceiling for almost a month. She stated that they were mating from dawn till dusk, and their activities ended up puncturing holes in ceiling.

Image credit: Sanook

When the rescue officers arrived, they noticed that the lizard couples’ tails poking through the ceiling. They also heard noises that confirmed the lizards were still going about their honeymoon festivities.

Image credit: Sanook

Upon seeing the monitor lizards, the rescue team then began their mission of getting the reptiles out of the ceiling.

It took over 30 minutes to catch just one of the two lizards, who kept scrambling away through the different cavities in the kitchen ceiling, as if playing a game of tag.

Image credit: Sanook

When they were finally caught, the rescuers noted that the 1M long clouded monitor lizard was a female reptile with a weight of over 8KG. The officers then put her in the back of their vehicle, with plans to release her back into nature.

Image credit: Sanook

However, the male monitor lizard is still hiding somewhere deep in the ceiling.

The house owner, Mrs. Thanyanan, said that she’ll contact the rescue officers again as soon as she catches a glimpse of him. She also added that it’s possible that she’ll have to take down the whole ceiling just to catch him.

Lizards wanted a change of scenery

Perhaps the couple of clouded monitor lizards were just trying to find a way to level-up their environment, just like how we, humans try to spice things up for our anniversaries or honeymoons. Unfortunately, the place they chose ended up being unideal.

With the “groom” still curled in the kitchen ceiling, we hope that Mrs. Thanyanan will get hold of him soon so that both parties can return to their peaceful home lives.

Have you ever encountered a monitor lizard? What was your experience like? Share with us in the comments below.

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Cover images adapted from: Sanook

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