McDonald’s “BTS Meal” Thailand

Over the past couple months, fans of the world famous K-pop band, BTS – also known as ARMYs – in Thailand have had to watch fellow fans around the world enjoy their McDonald’s BTS Meal with a slight tinge jealousy.

Some enthusiasts – like this one – even asked their friends abroad to mail over a BTS-themed McNugget box.

Well, Thai ARMYs, the wait is over.

McDonalds Thailand announced that the “BTS Meal” will be available across Thailand from 16th July 2021 to 18th August 2021.

Here’s what we know so far.

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McDonald’s “BTS Meal” comes to Thailand on 16th July

On 6th July 2021, McDonald’s Thailand announced that the fast food chain’s highly popular collaboration with K-pop group, BTS, the “BTS Meal”, will be available across Thailand from 11AM on 16th July through 18th August 2021.

bts-mealImage credit: Koreaboo

The “BTS Meal” includes a 10-piece box of chicken McNuggets, a medium-sized cup of Coca Cola, and a medium-sized order of fries with Cajun and sweet chili sauces that are available at McDonald’s outlets throughout South Korea.

McDonald’s Thailand has also added a Google Maps link with branches offering the BTS Meal.

BTS-Meal-ThailandScreenshot: McDonald’s Thailand via Coconuts Bangkok

In the fast-food chain’s announcement, images of McDonald’s at Gaysorn Village, Amarin Plaza and Siam Paragon can be seen decorated in the band’s signature colour, purple, as well as its logo made with French Fries.

McDonald’s collaboration with the K-pop group officially began in May.

The wait is over for the McDonalds’ “BTS Meal” in Thailand

BTS fans in Thailand were obviously over the moon to hear that the fast-food chain would be releasing the collab.

After all, ARMYs in Thailand are known to pool their money and buy ad space to place pictures of the band at – conveniently named – BTS Skytrain stations and even Tuk-Tuks.

BTS-Meal-ThailandImage credit: @katipunera via The Thaiger

Before the official announcement this afternoon, McDonald’s Thailand released teasers with each member enjoying the “BTS Meal”. One of these teaser images received 278 shares since yesterday morning.

BTS-Meal-ThailandScreenshot: McDonald’s Thailand

Although, it seems McDonald’s is just as excited about this collaboration as we are.

One fan even commented on the announcement with a picture of what appears to be a complete “BTS Meal”.

BTS-Meal-ThailandScreenshot: McDonald’s Thailand

Translation: Heey, I’ve been waiting for a long time. 

McDonald’s Thailand responded with a GIF of fan-favourite, Jungkook, dancing with a comment that translates to, “This is my mood rn, can’t wait any longeeer.” 

Stay safe while getting your “BTS Meal”

We know, we know, ARMYs. You’ve spent the past months watching people enjoying their BTS-themed McDonald’s meals while pretending not to be jealous, so this announcement practically makes you want to run over to the nearest outlet.

However, it’s important to note that while the K-pop bands’ ballads may be worthy of a Magic Shop, their McDonald’s meals can’t guarantee protection from Covid-19.

So, when heading over to purchase your long-awaited “BTS Meal”, be sure to wear your mask and practice social distancing. That way, you’ll be in tip-top health for the next tour.

Cover images adapted from: Band Wagon Asia (Left), @amd_ml9 (Right)

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