Spider flowers in Chiang Mai

As Thailand is moving towards winter, the spider flowers (Cleome) plantation at Royal Agricultural Station Doi Ang Khang in Chiang Mai is in full bloom once again, adding a vivid shade of purple-pink to its lush surroundings.

The best part is that anyone can visit this beautiful plantation free of charge because it belongs to Thailand’s Royal Project to promote tourism and provide jobs for locals. 

Image credit: เช้านี้ที่อ่างขาง

Doi Ang Khang, or Ang Khang hill, is where one of the Royal Agricultural Stations is located. The station is a part of the royal foundation founded by King Rama IX to plant fruits, vegetables, and flowers to provide jobs for underprivileged folks from the hill tribes.

Only in winter

Image credit: เช้านี้ที่อ่างขาง

If you want to see these vibrant spider flowers, you must come here before the winter ends, or before January. This flower blooms in cool weather and full sun, which are options Thai winter has to offer.

Whether you want to capture this beautiful scene on camera or simply get lost in beautiful nature, Doi Ang Khang is another must-visit destination in Chiang Mai.

Cool spots in Chiang Mai:

Doi Ang Khang
Address: Ban Khum Village, Mu 5, Mae Ngon Sub district, Amphoe Fang, Chiang Mai
Opening Hours: 6AM – 6PM, daily
Telephone: +66-5345-0107

Featured image: Khamsai@เช้านี้ที่อ่างขาง

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