Ka Fe Choo Jai in Chiang Mai

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Images adapted from: Chiang Mai News, @oh_aejin

If you walk around Jing Jai farmer’s market in Chiang Mai, you’ll find a bearded man in a straw hat selling coffee. 

His name is Choo Jai Kaweeworawat Khunduang, a 36-year-old barista, who will delicately brew you an organic coffee for…well, you can decide for however much you want.

Unlimited coffee with no minimum fee

ka fe choo jai vendor
“Pay as you like” is written on the sign for everyone to see
Image credit: @oh_aejin

Mr. Choo Jai shared with Komkhaotuathai that he tried to open a traditional coffee shop with fixed prices, but it made him unhappy and uncomfortable. 

ka fe choo jai pay it forward
Image credit: Komkhaotuathai

So, he decided to let the costumers pay the amount they prefer while being able to drink as much as they want. He has been doing this for almost 3 years now. 

He has also set up a Pay It Forward initiative where customers can help pay for someone else’s drink. This way, anyone and everyone can afford to enjoy a warm cup of coffee

Old-fashion brewing methods

Despite being surrounded by customers, Mr. Choo Jai patiently takes his time to boil water on a charcoal stove and grind coffee beans by hand. He then puts the ground coffee beans and hot water in a filter to brew.

Then customers, with a small cup in their hand, will get to share the coffee in the beaker with one another.

ka fe choo jai coffee vendor
Image credit: Chiang Mai News

He believes that though brewing a good cup of coffee might be time-consuming, it’s worth the taste. This means you might have to wait for a while for a cuppa, but you’ll also have more time to have a nice chat with him and other customers who are waiting. 

ka fe choo jai coffee
Image credit: Komkhaotuathai

If you prefer cold drinks, there’s also a cold brew coffee (฿120,~ USD3.97) to get. And if you’ve fallen for the taste of the coffee beans used and want to bring it home, you can get ground coffee for ฿120 (~ USD3.97).

And you aren’t in Chiang Mai, don’t worry. You can get Choo Jai Farm’s organic coffee beans online to brew at home, just click here.

Pay Mr. Choo Jai a visit for coffee and conversations

If you’re in Chiang Mai during the weekends, jump on a red taxi to Jing Jai Farmer’s Market. Take a chill stroll around and you’ll find organic food and handicrafts from the local sellers too.

After the walk, get comfy on a small stool and warm up (or cool down) with a cup of Mr. Choo Jai’s freshly brewed coffee to end the day. 

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Ka Fe Cho Jai
Address: Jing Jai Farmer’s Market, 45 Atsadathon Rd, Tambon Chang Phueak, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50300
Opening Hours: Sat-Sun: 6AM – 1PM (Closed on Weekdays)
Telephone: +66-5-323-1520

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