Winter in Bangkok 2019

bangkok wintertime

As 2019 slowly comes to a close, everyone anticipates Bangkok’s relentless heat going down. In October this year, news spread about wintertime fast approaching Thailand’s capital city, with Bangkokians and tourists looking forward to cooler temperatures during the year-end period. 

However, October has since passed along with November, and the only thing that dipped seemed to be our expectations of enjoying air-con weather. 

Better luck ahead this December

But, here’s the good news we’ve all been waiting for: the weather across Thailand is finally cooling down, with Bangkok’s temperatures said to reduce by 4-6°C, as shared by Thai Meteorological Department (TMD).

Earlier this morning, 3rd December 2019, social media was abuzz with netizens rejoicing on platforms like Instagram about the significantly cooler weather. 

bangkok temperature

A quick check on the weather app also shows that we can expect chilly early mornings this December, with temperatures as cool as 17°C.

bangkok temperature report

As for overall weather, it seems to be clear skies and sunny days ahead. This is after Thailand’s monsoon season, which saw heavy rains across the country through the mid-year season.

Winter will last till Jan-Feb 2020.

Increased wind and frost up North

Veering away from the heat is Thailand’s regions up North and Northeast, where numbers are expected to drop considerably due to a strong high-pressure system coming in from the South China Sea, TMD reports. As a result, one can expect cold winds and even frost when on higher ground.

chiang mai
The mountainous region of Chiang Mai bids cool winter weather

Those looking for a cool holiday vacation can head up to provinces like Chiang Rai or Chiang Mai, where temperatures were said to be at staggering single digits up on Doi Inthanon.

Enjoying sweater weather in Thailand

chiang mai sakura
Beautiful Sakura in Chiang Mai

So whether you’re looking to trek to Northern regions to enjoy frosty weather, or stay put in Bangkok and revel in the less-torturous sun, we’re happy that things are finally cooling down for real.

And if you’re heading here on holiday, be sure to pack some warm clothes just in case. Brace yourselves…winter is finally coming – or so we really, really hope!

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