“Photogenic” car park at BKK shopping mall

Photo spots help businesses draw the attention of customers, which explain the numerous IG-worthy spots around BKK. So, this shopping mall in Bangkok came up with an idea to transform their car park into a photogenic backdrop for Instagrammers. 

Their car park finally went viral not for its photogenic look but for its design that looks just like a love motel. 

The car park is pink and also has a curtain 

Love motel in Thailand
The design of a love motel car park in Thailand
Image credit: The Matter 

Most love hotels in Thailand come with a curtain at the front, a car park, and a fancy-looking room. For Thais, this type of motels are specifically for secret rendezvous.  Love motel car park

Image credit: ที่นี่สมุทรปราการ 

You might not expect to see this kind of a setting in a shopping mall car park for sure, but this picture was captured at Seacon Square, a shopping mall along Srinakarin Road in Bangkok. 

The car park has a hot pink wall with cupid and heart paintings that reminded shoppers of no-tell motels. 

Love motel car park

Images adapted from: Tum Athiwat

There are curtains along with a neon sign just like most love motels. 

Shoppers were surprised and confused about what this “love car park” was for. So, there was a netizen asking the shopping mall for more details and found out that this was aimed to be a photo backdrop for customers. 

Love motel car park


Translation: This is our new project called MUNx2 (MUN MUN) that aims to offer customers photogenic backdrops.

There are many other photo spots in this car park, like the one across the pink room themed like an old-school gas station and a Platform 9 ¾ from Harry Potter. 

Love motel car park

Image credit: Tum Athiwat

Love motel car park

Image credit: MUNx2 ธรรมดาโลกไม่จํา

Instagrammers can check out various colourful photo backdrops Inside the shopping mall too. 

Seacon Square shopping mall

Images adapted from: MUNx2 ธรรมดาโลกไม่จํา

Thai netizens left funny comments under the post 

Many Thai netizens left funny comments on the car park’s design, and some even made cheeky comments, saying that the shopping mall should have a real love hotel at the car park. 

Love motel car park


Translation: If it’s real, the car park will get crowded with womanizers.

Love motel car park


Translation: It’s fine if you bring your wife there. If someone sees you come with others, you are gonna hurt for sure. 

Love motel car park


Translation: The perfect spot for a love motel. Don’t have to be a liar. Just tell your wife and post a check-in at the shopping mall. 

If you want to visit the shopping mall, don’t forget to ask permission and give a clear explanation to your girlfriends!

The car park at Seacon Square
Address: 55 Srinagarindra Rd, Nong Bon, Prawet, Bangkok 10250.
Opening Hours: 10AM-10PM, Daily
Nearest Train Station: Hua Mark Airport Rail Link
Telephone: +66 2 721 8888
Website | Facebook

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Featured image adapted from: Tum Athiwat and ที่นี่สมุทรปราการ

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