Thai tattoo fail

Tattoos are permanent, or they’re hard to fix at least – this is why many people make sure they’re on the same page with their artists before getting inked. We recommend anyone to do the same or you might end up like this Thai woman.


Last week, a Thai woman named Aom who lives in Nakhon Si Thammarat shared photos on her Facebook with a caption that read, “the artist won’t take any responsibility … I want a naga, not a green snake.

“They ignored my message on purpose despite being online and never returned my call,” said Miss Aom on her status.

Images adapted from: นางมารร้าย ผู้หญิง.ก็ซิ่งได้

Both photos drew a comparison between the design she had in mind, which is a naga or a mythical giant snake god with a golden crest and emerald scales, and what she ended up getting. 

Artist fired back with insult

Instead of dealing with the unsatisfied customer behind the scenes, the artist took it to social media and called Miss Aom “a potty-mouthed b***h” and referred to what happened as trivial.

However, as soon as the story got out, many potential customers reportedly cancelled their bookings with him.    

Another artist reached out to help

Image credit: นางมารร้าย ผู้หญิง.ก็ซิ่งได้

Luckily for Miss Aom, a skilful tattoo artist in Bangkok offered to fix the green snake tattoo for no costs. With a little bit of magic and a lot of skills, this professional artist finally gave Miss Aom her dream tattoo last week. 

Take this story as a cautionary tale before you let someone ink your skin. Also, keep in mind that you might not get a happy resolution like this lady, and end up fixing the problematic tattoo at the expense of your pocket. 

Featured images adapted from: นางมารร้าย ผู้หญิง.ก็ซิ่งได้

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