Nude deliveryman in Songkhla

We might expect many things from our food delivery men, from riding horses to delivering pizza to the middle of the river, but this is definitely something that we didn’t see coming. 

Image credit: Thairath

On Monday, a video of a food delivery man riding a motorbike without clothes in Songkhla province surfaced online. The man reportedly turned himself in to police on that same day.

According to The Nation Thailand, a motorbike taxi driver saw the man take off his clothes in front of a nearby temple and walked around the area before jumping on his motorcycle. 

After his naked riding, the man returned to the temple and put his clothes back on as told by the taxi biker.

฿500 fine for indecent exposure

At the police station, the man was fined ฿500 for indecent exposure in public before being let off. He did it because of stress from personal problems, said the man.  

Another witness who saw the incident told the reporters that she wouldn’t eat food that was delivered by him.

The food delivery company has yet to respond to the incident.

Let’s hope he feels better soon so that we won’t have to see something like this again.

Featured images adapted from: Matichon and The Nation Thailand

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