Heavy floods in Bangkok

On 23 September, Bangkok was hit with aggressive rains and thunderstorms in the afternoon as a result of Noul, a tropical storm that has transformed into a typhoon. 

Anyone who has lived in this city long enough would have correctly guessed the outcome; a massive flood.

A Twitter user who wanted to remain anonymous shared pictures taken inside of their house during the flood, showing an enormous catfish swimming around. 

According to Matichon Online, the fish belonged to the user’s brother. It managed to get out of the pond during the flood, with water levels rising high enough. 

Thailand’s Atlantis 

Image credit: Thailandfootpath

Due to the drain blockage from garbage,  the water level reportedly rose very quickly, causing traffic jams and preventing city folks from walking on the footpaths. 

Moreover, the strong wind also took down utility poles and big trees in some areas.

Image credit: Thailandfootpath

Roads were under rainwater which slowed down the traffic as cars were afraid to cause big waves that could lead to accidents with motorists. 


A video on Twitter revealed how high the flood was in some areas of the city, drowning parked motorcycles near the road. 

While the city is working on a sewage system, we can do our part by not littering and disposing of our trash properly. Be safe everyone!

Featured images adapted from: Twitter and Thailandfootpath

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