A very special face mask

Face masks are important for everybody now, especially in crowded public places like buses and trains, shopping malls, and parks. There are many fashionable and stylish face masks for us to choose from, but this might be the most interesting one yet. 

This commuter wore a live snake as a face mask on his bus journey in Manchester, England. 

Others thought it was just a “funky mask” until it moved 

Snake face mask in England
Image credit: @bbcnews

On 14th September 2020, a passenger on a bus from Swinton to Manchester recorded a video of a man with a huge snake wrapped around his neck and mouth. 

One passenger said she thought that was just a “funky mask” until she noticed that it moved. 

Snake face mask in England
Image credit: @bbcnews

As reported on Manchester Evening News, the person also said that it was “definitely entertaining” because the snake was well-behaved and didn’t bother other passengers on the bus.

Snake face mask in England
It was quite a good pet, but its movement shocked some passengers 
Image credit: Manchester Evening News

On BBC News, the Transport for Greater Manchester spokesperson said, “government guidance clearly states that this needn’t be a surgical mask, and that passengers can make their own or wear something suitable, such as a scarf or bandana.”

It doesn’t need to be a surgical or medical mask, but using a live snake might be a little bit a misinterpretation. 

Thankfully for passengers, the snake was being a good companion and didn’t wiggle around so much. 

This seems like a funny face mask, but we hope the man will have a less frightening one – maybe a real face mask for a change – for his next trip out.

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