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Sunshine Bakeries is a leading manufacturer and marketer of value-added and nutritious fresh bakery products. A local homegrown enterprise, the company has been putting bread on the tables of Singapore consumers since 1930, when it first made its mark as Singapore’s first commercial bakery. As one of the biggest bread manufacturers in Singapore, Sunshine Bakeries builds its market leadership through innovation and responsiveness to market needs. Using modern technology and equipment, and the freshest and finest ingredients, Sunshine produces more than 100,000 loaves of fresh and great tasting bread a day from its 65,000 square foot plant at Senoko. Today, Sunshine Bakeries continues to be at the forefront of product development with an extensive range of products to suit diverse consumer taste and needs which are produced under its two house brands Sunshine and Top-One. Of particular significance is its attainment of the Singapore Health Promotion Board’s Healthier Choice standard for its complete range of bread loaves. Favourites in the bread category include: Enriched Soft White, Enriched Softmeal, Multi-Grain, and Soft Grain Wholemeal loaves. The company also produces a selection of par-baked frozen food products, through its frozen food division for home and commercial use. Sunshine Bakeries’ commitment is to provide consumers with the highest level of safety and quality assurance, and is the first bakery in Asia to be awarded three prestigious PSB awards: ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 14001 for environmental friendliness, HACCP for food hygiene and safety. The company has in the last 10 years, consistently attained the “A” Grade rating in the AVA Factory Grading Scheme.

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