White Sands mall

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White Sands mall
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White Sands is located at Pasir Ris Central next to the MRT Station and within the recreational area of Pasir Ris New Town. 

White Sands offers its residential catchment the convenience of a one-stopshopping mall in an upbeat shopping environment, focusing on today’s healthy and active lifestyle. Being sited within the recreational zone along the eastern coastline of Singapore, White Sands has naturally become a popular destination among weekend holiday-makers. The mall is also a convenient stop over for young National service men making their way to their Pulau Tekong training base camp. 

The extensive revamp and expansion of the mall was completed in 2007. New facilities such as travelators, children’s restrooms and nursing rooms were added for the convenience of shoppers. 

Key tenants include Fairprice supermarket, the Pasir Ris Library, Kopitiam foodcourt and POPULAR bookshop. With many exciting new shops and F&B outlets, the mall has become a favourite haunt for school-going children, families and working adults. The weekend activities, adding excitement to the shopping experience, are specially catered to fun-seekers and family shoppers. 


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