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J December 21, 2012
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Rivervale Plaza

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Rivervale Plaza is the first shopping complex to be opened in Sengkang New Town. This shopping centre has about 46 shops and is also housing the Sengkang Branch Office. The centre has a wet market, supermarket, 2 foodcourts, 2 fastfood outlets, a music school and also other interesting shops that cater to the residents' daily shopping needs. The shopping mall has recently seen the completion of its renovations which has seen great controversy in the Punggol East By-Elections of 2013


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Progressively getting better
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I remember Rivervale Plaza being at the centre of the fight between the PAP and Worker's Party at the start of the year, as a by-election is being held to fill the vacated seat of Punggol East SMC after Micheal Palmer stepped down after being embroiled in controversies of scandal with his grassroots staff. The place was painted as a decrepit, gloomy structure where work in progress to renovate it was halted in view of the contractor going bankrupt, and hence is used as a case in point to illustrate the inefficiency of the PAP party.

Homely but small, Rivervale Mall serves as a crucial point in Sengkang East for its residents. Boasting of a variety of outlets, from food to hair salons as well as a Fairprice supermarket and wet market, it meets the daily needs of the people living there. For a long while, i remember it being an outdated, obselete structure unable to compete with your average mall. However, the warmth and friendly aura of the place simply draws you there. I remember a time when my mum used to be really friendly with the fruit uncle, fish uncle and the vegetable aunty. Such friendships enabled us to get indiscriminate discounts as well as local news of whats going on in the neighbourhood.

Since the taking over of the Worker's Party in Punggol East SMC, renovation has been completed. I was awestruck after my first visit there after many months (due to majority of my time having been spent in camp), not only has the place become air-conditioned, the area of the Plaza has been widened, incorporating more food outlets especially well known brands such as Mr Bean is a pleasing layout and style.

Shopping there has really become increasingly wonderful!
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Heartland Mall of Seng Kang / Hougang
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Rivervale Plaza is a pretty small mall, approximately half the size of Nex. With two floors and less than 50 shops, the range of goods and services this mall offers is surprisingly comprehensive. This is a stark contrast to its offering prior to the renovation.

For food places, there are two fast food restaurants, namely McDonald's and KFC, and two food courts, namely Kopitiam and Koufu, along with a couple of other eateries and restaurants. There are also a handful of bakeries and shops that sell snacks. NTUC Fairprice and 7-11 are available 24/7 for purchasing groceries and convenient goods. There's even a wet market!

For amenities, there are salons, optician shops, POSB, mobile repair shops, a clinic, TCM centres and a pharmacy. For a mall that is this small and situated in a small estate between Seng Kang and Hougang, Rivervale Plaza offers a really impressive range of goods and services.

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Everything under 1 plaza
(Updated: January 16, 2013)
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I remember when I first moved over to SengKang, Rivervale Plaza was the first shopping area I knew of. It is a relatively less developed shopping mall at that time, compared to newer malls like Rivervale Mall and Compass Point that were built shortly after. It has no air-con, no famous shopping outlets and is also smaller in size.

However, Rivervale Plaza still has many to offer. It is the only place with a wet market (that I know of) in SengKang. It hosts many traditional shops like mama shops, convenience stalls, traditional bakery shops, and also stalls selling incense paper and watches. Service-wise, they have clinics, tuition centers, photo-printing and banking machines. In addition, she is also home to other standard food providers and fast food chains like Kopitiam, Koufu, KFC and McDonald. So all in all, although plaza may not be a top choice in shopping, it is still an essential "trading" place for SengKang residents for it satisfies almost all needs.

Recently there are a lot of news regarding the construction works in Rivervale Plaza. Although the delayed work has hurt sales there, but I believe that after the renovations Rivervale Plaza will be even better than before and is there to stay.
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