Rivervale Mall

J December 19, 2013
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Rivervale Mall
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Rivervale Mall is located in Sengkang, a new housing estate in the Northeastern part of Singapore and adjacent to the Sengkang Light Rail Transit (LRT) loop, near Rumbia LRT station. Rivervale Mall provides a free shuttle bus service that plies within the Sengkang housing estate.With its accessible location, the 3 story shopping mall is a popular and convenient shopping destination for residents living in the vicinity.


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Overall Rating 
This is just a very basic mall that satisfies the staples of the small Rivervale neighbourhood. There's a massive NTUC on the top floor that I prefer over the one at Rivervale Plaza because this one has a far greater variety. It's nowhere near as well-stocked as the AMK NTUC or other giant supermarts, but it's pretty good.

Situated at an accessible location with shuttle buses for those who live slightly further away or are carrying too many groceries to walk home, which is useful for housewives or bored residents who just want to get out. Its accessibility actually makes it a favourite spot to grab some dinner, not to mention it has quite the variety of food to choose from for such a small mall.

Also, there are almost perpetual sales or flea-market-type things at the big empty space on the first floor of the mall, and sometimes outside the mall. The things sold there do change irregularly, so I always find something interesting or cheap, but either way buyable, there.
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It used to be so much fun
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When Rivervale Mall first opened in Seng Kang, many people living near the area were pretty much excited like me. Back then, Seng Kang was rather quiet as many residential areas were still in the midst of developing and there were very few entertainment centres.

My mum and I would often go there, sometimes making use of their free shuttle bus services and sometimes going there by foot. We loved comparing Rivervale Mall and Rivervale Plaza as they both were the cheaper alternatives to Compass Point, thanks to the fair prices in NTUC. And of course, I secretly love Rivervale Mall more as it is air-conditioned while back then, Plaza wasn’t. Then, my cousins moved near there and I frequented Rivervale Mall even more. We kids loved going the arcade, spending some money at the little stationery shop and buying durians and supper from NTUC.

But as I grew older, such trips became lesser. Soon, the arcades and small stationery shops lost their appeal to me and I kind of stopped going there in my teen years.

Rivervale Mall seems to have lost its lustre these days but they definitely mean something to me and I hope to see them flourish again.
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Compact, accessible and friendly
Overall Rating 
As the nearest shopping mall to my housing estate, Rivervale Mall was often a stop point for me, especially after my runs around the town during my younger days. Ordinarily, i'll immediately zone for drinks at the MacDonald s outlet, but halfway through the passageway, I would often stop and gaze at the pet shop, which regularly offers on sale a wide variety of animals.

Rivervale Mall is simply there to meet your every basic need. Whilst there is the presence of some classy restaurants for fine dining, local residents always visit the NTUC Foodfare on the second floor (last time) for cheaper, more affordable fares, resulting in neighbourly dins during mealtimes everywhere. After a meal, it is customary to visit either the DVD store or move up to Fairprice at level 3 for shopping. However, if you are looking for Popular Bookstores or other furniture and retail outlets normally associated with shopping malls, you won't be able to find them at Rivervale Mall.

Rivervale Mall holds many great memories for me. Having grown up in its vicinity and spent many a day with my family there, each and every nook and cranny evokes a warm, fuzzy feeling within me. Definitely worth a walk in my opinion.
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