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X July 23, 2012
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Palais Renaissance
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Palais Renaissance is the shopping haven for luxurious style in a class of its own, with endearing favourites such as DKNY, TYAN and Passion Hair Salon, Vanilla Home and many more. Palais Renaissance or "Palais" (pronounced pa-lay) for short is an irresistible destination along the world-famous Orchard Road for the who's who of the local and expatriate community in Singapore, as well as well-heeled travellers with a discerning taste for high fashion and class.


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Very upscale
Overall Rating 
Everything about Palais Renaissance screams upscale, including its name which without a doubt most Singaporeans would pronounce wrongly. The mall tends to be the quieter ones along Orchard Road probably because of the upmarket vibe that it exudes which alienates the average Orchard Road shopper.

I pop over to Palais Renaissance whenever I feel like a Tai Tai (a rich lady) as most of, if not all, the shops retail branded goods. Antoinette, a Parisian pâtisserie and salon du thé at the basement, serves up a good brunch and afternoon tea and is a nice place to hang out with friends.
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Upscale at its finest
Overall Rating 
I ever wondered into Palais Renaissance when I was a teenager and I am deeply ashamed. After all, this is not a place for teens or the shabbily dressed to stroll around. It is an upscale mall that is tastefully done and obviously targeted at a niche market, one that mere mortals do not belong to.

A recent visit to the PS Café here further affirmed my allure for this place — one day I’ll shop here. It’s a promise I hope I never have to break. Don’t be deceived by the deserted surroundings — it is the quality of the purchases that matter, not the quantity of the crowd.
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Very high class place
Overall Rating 
I visited Palais recently as I wanted to take a look at the TV at Loewe Gallery as I heard that the quality was really good. That was my first time at Palais, and I was seriously awed by the place.

When I first stepped into the building, I realised that there were not many shops in the building and at the same time, the place was really quiet. There were very little customers moving around the place. When I walked around the place, I realised that the some of the stores inside are very high class but not all belonged to that level. It seems that the image of Palais appeared to have deterred potential customers from walking around the place as the quietness creates a foreboding ambience.

However, there is this cafe called Antoinette at the basement that is pretty occupied. I have not been to this cafe before but the place looks very European and appears to belong to the Victorian era. The furnishings are also very upmarket looking. As I looked at the customers there, I wondered how expensive the items must be yet everyone sitting down there seems to be enjoying themselves.

By the way, the TV was in the range of 2 to 3 thousand for a average model.

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Only for deep pockets
Overall Rating 
Palais Renaissance is a mall for those with deep pockets. All - and I mean all - of the stores there are catered to those who can afford luxury. These included the famous Passion saloon, founded by the celebrities' favourite hairdresser David Gan.

This shouldn't prevent the average Orchard Road visitor from paying the mall a visit, if not for just ogling at all the luxury goods in the windows, then for the restaurants. Special mention goes to PS. Cafe, which is expensive, but not ridiculously so. The main dining hall has a high ceiling which gives this branch a certain grandeur compared to its more crowded sister outlets.

There's also Antoinette in the basement, which looks like it has a lovely open-air (but indoor) setting. Next time I'm in Orchard and looking for a quiet place for tea, I might try it out.
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