Astoria Floral Design and Landscaping

J February 08, 2014
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Astoria Floral Design and Landscaping
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< $100

Astoria was established in 1986 with main products include artificial flowers and plants, garden items, Christmas trees, trims and a host of lifestyle items. It offers decor for a range of occasions, from the death of a loved one to happier occasions such as Valentine's day or a loved one's birthday. Frequent promotions could be enjoyed through online shopping via its website.


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Quaint selections
Overall Rating 
Innovation is indeed found brimming in many of Astoria's products. For example, I was greeted at the doorway of the outlet of Compass Point by a bouquet of flowers with a teddy bear peeking from behind the stalks. Totally cute, in my opinion.

It was nearing Valentine's Day upon my visit to the shop, and hence the products are taking on a Valentine's Day theme. This is impressive upon itself as the owners show themselves being capable of adapting to the occasion. Moreover, I especially like the way the introduce unexpected products which actually make good Valentine's gifts. For example, brilliantly colourful paper wind turbines!

Being a forever alone guy, I was simply there to help my friend with picking out a bouquet and a gift for his girlfriend, whose birthday falls on the week of Valentine's Day. The variety was such that I actually need to consider which is the best. The colour combinations were quite varied! But what was disappointing was the lack of anything purple, which was the girlfriend's favourite colour.

After the selections, I toured the shop for a bit and noticed certain interesting things. For example, baby angel statues, small fountains and other decorative products were on sale. It is healthy though not to look at the price (heads up), but enjoy the artistry for what it is.

Definitely worth a look!
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