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Salvatore Ferragamo
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Salvatore Ferragamo is an Italian luxury fashion label. 


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butterflies and flowers
Overall Rating 
Knowing that Salvatore Ferragamo is one of those high end luxury brands, I have never plucked up the courage to walk into one of their stores because of a few reasons. One, I can only dream of purchasing anything from there. Two, I get a panic attack being in a place where I know I don't fit in. Three, I know while browsing, their sales assistants will probably do a mental google search on me from the way I dress, walk and talk, to come to a conclusion on whether I may be able to afford their products.

However, I was fortunate to be given a bottle of one of their fragrances for my birthday a few years ago by my relative. Though thankful, the scent wasn't appealing to me. It did come in a pretty pink bottle engraved with butterflies and flowers. Currently sitting on my makeup table, I didn't have the heart to re-gift it or chuck it out. So I suppose I might be able to pass it onto my daughter one fine day. In probably 10 years time. That is if perfumes don't expire!
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Luxe classy shoes
Overall Rating 
Ferragamo is brand that many females widely associate with their iconic bow shoes. The Ferragamo bow on the shoe is really classy and adds a nice girly touch to an otherwise plain pair of flats. They have choices for patent or regular leather and if you have the budget, I would say.. get both ;) I find a pair of black patent flats essential in every girls' shoe closet!!! The regular leathers are also nice. I haven't own a pair of Ferragamos yet because I still cannot justify spending close to $700 on a pair of pumps.

Their bags look boring to me though.. it just looks like a normal bag which you probably won't give 2 looks when on the street walking. Their accessories are affordable and pretty. At $240 you can get yourself a leather bracelet with the logo on it. They used to have the bow bracelets but I think they are already discontinued? The leather bracelet is of good quality and comes in a variety of bright, pastel colors besides the usual neutrals and blacks. The key chains and charms are also pretty!!! If you're on a low budget, go for the accessories, otherwise, take a look at the shoes. :)

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