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Modparade, a Singapore based independent label was founded in 2007 out of curiosity and a desire for indie and quirky styles. It is a hybrid of a baby unicorn, bambi and dragonfruit, feeding on a constant flow of creativity and design. From small humble online beginnings, the label has since grown, planting its seeds and now standing magnificently in a flagship store located at Haji Lane – an indie scene street.


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If you're into unique clothing with outrageous funky prints, Modparade is certainly your next go-to blogshop!

Modparade sets itself apart from the other all-too-typical local blogshops with its range of fun, unique and quirky range of printed clothing. Think eyeball printed shirts, or pizza printed pullovers and there you have it - this is, in essence, pretty much what Modparade is all about.

Prices are of the standard blogshop range (about $26, give or take, for each piece), but premium pieces will definitely cost more, with some exceeding the $40 threshold.

Modparade also has a physical store over at Haji Lane, so shoppers who covet a piece of such quirky goodness but are wary of online shopping can actually head over to their store to have an actual feel of the quality of their clothing!

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Overall Rating 
Modparade stands out from the conventional blogshops by retailing the most quirky and eccentric clothing that you can find in Singapore. Take one look at their website and you’ll no doubt be drawn into its whimsical clothing designs and concept. While the clothing is not for everyone, they are still a pleasure to look at.

The store at Haji Lane is a great alternative to their website, and one can probably be able to score unique and alternative items that is exclusive to Modparade. Modparade has done much to inject some vibrancy and kitsch into the local retail scene.
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