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Multifolds Photography
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While most photographers strive to create that perfect picture, multifold tries to capture the spontaneity of that perfect moment.


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(Updated: May 08, 2013)
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Multifolds Photography has one of the best pictures I have seen around. I "liked" their Facebook page and have been constantly pleased to see the new pictures that they post.

They cover a range of shoots, from Casual Friendship shoot, to Pre-Wedding Shoot, to Wedding day Shoots and even Family Shoots! In which, they all look as good as they can be!

Their pictures are always filled with joy, peace and love. It makes one happy to just watch the joy they have captured for others. You can easily feel the emotions, and be able to see yourself there at the event and feel what the people feel just y following their pictures.

While I have not gotten married, or even plan my marriage, I have spoken to the photographers on separate events and they're the friendliest, nicest people around.
They are easy to talk too, and not demanding or proud.

I have constantly seen people leaving feedback, or just thanking the photographers for the pretty pictures, and wonderfully captured moments.

I know, if one day, it is my turn to get married, Multifolds Photography would hit my top list of wanted photographers choice!

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