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Drew & Napier
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Drew & Napier is one of Singapore's leading law firms with over 250 lawyers and fee-earners. The practice is consistently rated top tier in dispute resolution over the years.


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Extremely professional
Overall Rating 
During my stint at the Attorney General's Chambers, I had the opportunity to witness real life the work of Drew and Napier lawyers. Even though I was informed about the tradition and prestige of the firm, the way lawyers conduct themselves professionally was impressive. This can be especially observed in criminal proceedings. The way the lawyers presented their arguments was through a professional tone, without any display of emotions with well thought out viewpoints which brings the point home with a slam. Such arguments can be found in Singapore Academy of Law journals and when compared to arguments by other firms, comes across as comprehensive and persuasive, and hence it isn't really a surprise that the court ruled in their favour and the case was won.

I remembered when my alma mater invited Drew and Napier for a presentation of a career with the firm. The path was no doubt challenging and to climb to the top you have to be the best of the best. The lawyer admitted that in the pursuit of excellence, family and social time had to take a back seat. However, with a testimonial from an acclaimed firm is indeed, a boon of a lifetime. Hence, you need to have your priorities well set. It was a difficult choice for a guy who values his family like me. In the end, I chose to turn my back and never look back, picking something I actually like for my stint in university instead.

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(Updated: March 22, 2013)
Overall Rating 
I had dealings with the firm when I was working for a certain statutory board and needed them to review contracts for me. I was nervous at first when I was told that I have to call them personally to get feedback on the contract terms. I took the most difficult step of dialing through to the team and found that they were human too. Nothing of those bossy or snobbish figures I imagined.

The team was responsive and respectful when I needed them to explain to me certain complicated terms. I am not sure about their charges compared to other firms. Since lawyers are service providers so I would go by the assumption that the more you pay the better service you get.

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