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N October 09, 2012
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Ink by Finch
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Monday - Saturday (1230hrs to 2100hrs)
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  • < $200
  • < $400

Ink By Finch Tattoo Studio is a reputable Singapore tattoo artist & body piercing shop. We provide custom tattoo that our customers love, at the highest quality! We specialize in custom work , so you can bring in your favorite images and ideas and we will create a unique tattoo for you. A tattoo that you will be proud of!

We are a professional studio with a welcoming laid back atmosphere. Our artists and staff provide a professional and friendly atmosphere so come in and talk to us about the tattoo & body piercing you'd love to have. We'll work with you to make your tattoo & body piercing a reality. It is our priority that every customer that walks through the door leaves feeling satisfied.

I hope to meet you some time soon.

- Joe Finch

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