Sakura Foot Reflexology Centre

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Sakura Foot Reflexology Centre
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A small shop in Roxy Square 2 near the entrance that faces Parkway Parade.


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Choose your massaeu carefully!
(Updated: July 05, 2013)
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My mom came an hour before the time we arranged to meet. So she said she was going shopping but I ended up arriving early too and saw her sneakily getting a massage at this shop. lol mom!!

The shop is run by a very kind auntie, the type who will say to you 'WAH you so handsome!!!' then say to your wife 'WAH you so pretty!!' and not in the seductive way... well cause shes like 60 years old and this is not that type of shop. She also gave me a $5 discount after a bit of bargaining haha! So it was $20 for half an hour.

My mom ended up getting an auntie to massage her. She wasn't good, she was using a glove (LOL) so the contact was a bit strange and my Mom kept saying "wah yours looks so much better". Mine was quite good, it was by a young guy with strong arms called Phillip from KL. He complained that he came to Singapore because he was only earning $800 MYR back home. He also said he was Indian. (He was obviously Chinese!) It was very fun talking to him and the auntie, they were really friendly.

As for the actual foot massage, they used cream so it was a nice touch. The auntie that massaged my mom was clearly new to this and my mom complained it was too light, even though she is quite sensitive. Phillip who did the massage for me was above average and fun to talk to but not great. Overall I would only recommend coming here if you stay near Parkway Parade or Katong i12. And book Phillip or you will end up regretting going here. So call ahead first.

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