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J September 15, 2018
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Clue is a menstrual tracking app, an encyclopedia, a resource for health and more.

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Most Not-In-Your-Face Way To Track Periods
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Since I first got my period my mom always insisted that I should track it, because period are great indicators to women's health issues.

Clue's minimalist design and easy-to-understand graphics will let you track your periods without even making an effort to type a single word. You'll know when you use the app for yourself, but this app is great to know whether you're being hormonal (a.k.a. PMSing) or just being unnecessarily sensitive. For those ladies trying to conceive or those looking to avoid pregnancies, Clue will even indicate your fertile window so you know when that baby making machine in you is the most efficient. It's eerily accurate too, all in a singular clock-shaped diagram unlike other apps that show a calendar.

After using the app for a whole year, I'm able to know when the unstoppable red river will hit, so I prepare myself with extra menstruation products when the time comes. When you see that your monthly strawberry season is looming around the corner through Clue, those 12am food cravings will come less as a mystery to you.

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