Ya-Hom Powder Five Pagodas Brand

J September 14, 2018
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Ya-Hom Powder Five Pagodas Brand

Ya-Hom Powder Five Pagodas Brand can be taken for fatigue, aromatic stomachic, carminative nausea-vomiting. Relief of motion sickness, and stomach troubles. It can be taken or inhaled.

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Generation to generation, the best friend for an upset stomach
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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is typically a polarizing subject, even in a country dubbed ‘Where East meets West’. Growing up, my mother has always been a strong advocate of TCM, restricting my usage of Panadol and painkillers in favour of taking bitter concoction and tonic soups. Hence, it was from my mother’s recommendation that I discovered Ya-Hom Powder.

Referred to by my grandmother as ‘Ngoh-Ta-Sua’, Ya-Hom Powder has been around since my mother was a kid. This powder has been my go-to drink whenever I get a stomach upset - which is almost always. Having a sensitive stomach, a single bowl of Tom Yum instant noodles or McSpicy can leave me in the toilet for the rest of the day. Having tried western medicine to no avail, I can swear by Ya-Hom Powder’s efficiency for both tummy troubles and and nausea.

All you have to do is take a teaspoon of the brownish powder and mix it in a glass of warm water. The directions on the box even suggest inhaling it, although I have no intention of trying. The strong peppermint taste can be off putting for some, but personally, it gives the drink a refreshing taste. Ya-Hom Powder is cheap and can be found off the counter at most TCM pharmacies. Available in smaller and more portable bottles as well, I have lost count the number of times this has been my saviour.

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