One Stop Salon

J September 17, 2018
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One stop salon

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11:00 AM - 8:00 PM

A beauty salon.

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Perm your eyelash for only $20
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Ladies, if you can’t leave home without applying mascara, you might want to consider going for an eyelash perm instead. We're all too familiar with the never-ending struggle of applying mascara: It curls and volumises lashes beautifully, but application can get messy - with the less skilled ones among us often ending up with smudges on our lids.Your eyes are essentially your greatest asset and they’re, afterall, the first thing most people notice about you.

One Stop Salon offers the safest and simplest method of perming your lashes for only $20 and their offer ends this July! Not only does it save you from spending a fortune on quality mascara, but it can also cut the amount of time you spend getting ready in the morning. Just book an appointment to get your lashes permed, and you won’t ever have to use an eyelash curler and apply mascara just to get your eyes poppin’!

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