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CD Plus

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CD Plus is a multimedia music store specialising in New Age, jazz and classical music, selling CDs in high-quality formats like Super Audio and High Definition. As owner Alan Tan says, "Our products cater to audiophiles who value the sounds and can afford it. The store, as well as boasting a wide selection of concert DVDs, also retails audio players.

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Raffles City, with its air of business and cosmopolitanism, has no time to entertain the fine arts and culture. Situated right smack in the Central Business District, the vibe that it gives off, while admittedly less stern than its counterparts, the skyscrapers, is nonetheless one that is not accommodating of things quaint and unusual.

Hence, it was a pleasant surprise to find a CD Plus outlet in its basement. My first impression would of course be: Think a library, albeit one so extensively renovated that the curves and shapes that form its interior design is highly pronounced and smooth, virtually flawless. The shapes are actually eye-pleasing shelves, with numerous CDs packed compactly within its alcoves.

At CD Plus, not only is there music to serenade you, but the collection of the store is indeed out of this world. From really old records to recently released albums, it is highly probable that you can find what you are seeking there. Should you not be able to, simply place an order and the staff would be on hand to assist you.

I spent many a pleasant lunchbreak whilst working and waiting for national service there, browsing from Bach to Taylor Swift.

Well worth a visit!
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