Singapore Institue of Management (SIM)

I October 16, 2012
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Singapore Institue of Management (SIM)
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UniSIM is approved by Singapore's Ministry of Education (MOE) to award recognised Singapore degrees. MOE subsidises tertiary education at UniSIM for eligible adult Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents as part of the national initiative to promote continuing education and training.


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Safety net
Overall Rating 
It was really a sad experience when I saw on results day, the tears and sorrow of some friends who could not make it into a local university with their results. The spirit is willing but the body may not be willing, though they worked really hard, in the end they still could not cope with the pressure.

Hence, were it not for SIM, they might have been stuck in this dog eat dog society with a subpar A Level result. I felt that SIM is good in that it allows everyone to get a degree without traditional requirements such as results, interviews, aptitude tests and the like which so stringently filters prospective students trying to gain admission into the school. In SIM, one could do a course one likes as long as you are able to pay. Given that quite a percentage of JC students and most poly grads (only the top 10% successfully gains admission per year) would like to have a degree, having a safety net to catch those who can't make local universities is a really good initiative.

As the government takes steps to make SIM increasingly recognised, the future does look brighter for quite a number of people.
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An institution for anyone to be a degree holder
Overall rating 
Overall Rating 
I feel that establishing an institution like SIM is extremely helpful and essential, especially in a competitve society like Singapore.

As the competition to get into local universities increases, more and more students fail to meet the requirement for matriculation. This will seem hopeless for these undergraduates, especially those who graduate from a Junior College as they do not have a Diploma, unlike the Polytechnic students.

Hence, with SIM, it helps to give these students a place to continue their University education and to graduate with a degree as well. If not for SIM, I am pretty sure most of the students would have gone abroad to complete their studies and this may pose a serious financial problem for students from low-income families.
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A degree for everyone
(Updated: March 05, 2013)
Overall Rating 
I guess the general consensus is that SIM would have a place for you as long as you have the pockets deep enough to foot the bill. A degree is already a basic requirement these days, and plenty choose to go the SIM route if they cannot quality for local U. Don’t lose heart, people! As long as you get your first class honours, most employers would no doubt consider you.

Within SIM, there are a plethora of school choices like UOL and RMIT (the 2 most popular choices). Depending on your preference and study style (part time courses are aplenty), SIM offers a good selection that would serve to meet your needs.

The complaint I have for SIM is the lack of food options. Especially during lunch breaks (and we know that SIM consists of A NUMBER of universities which equates to hundreds of students), it would be nearly impossible to “grab a bite” as the queues are ridiculously long.
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SIM was a breeze
Overall Rating 
It was really exciting to be going back to school after battling in the gruesome corporate world. As if all the stars were aligned, I met the most awesome people coming from all kinds of different backgrounds. In SIM, whether you are 30 and have over ten years of working experience or if you are fresh out of college still receiving $1000 monthly pocket money from your oh-so-rich parents, you mingle and get blended as one.

I was in my early 20s when I went into SIM. It didn't take me long to find my clique of friends and the irony was that we actually spent more time playing around than mugging. The lecturers weren't the generic kind of 'teacher' one would expect articulating perfectly. They come from all walks of life and most of them teach through their experiences, not off the boring texts. That made learning so much more digestible and effective. Thanks to the 3 years in SIM, I become a more independent and resourceful learner.
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Life changing experience.
Overall Rating 
SIM has been long termed as the 'other' university that students see
as a second choice when they cant enter SMU, NTU and NUS. I was just
like the rest but right now, I'm proud to say that I got in the school
that has molded and nurtured me into a motivated and active
undergraduate with a zest for the working life. SIM has much to offer
physically with its newly done up campus which boosts a range of new
furniture in the lecture halls which has a strong air conditioner
which keeps the hall cold, comfy new seats and a great layout of the
hall which makes the halls a very conducive learning environment.

The recent renovations in the restrooms has proved to be a pleasant
surprise with an expensive interior feel of being in a hotelier
restroom given its intricate designs. Despite its great and new
features which makes the school attractive, I have to point out that
food in SIM can be expensive and boring after a week. Boosting only 3
cafes for meals, 2 of them are within the range of alfresco dining
price which is hardly affordable for daily consumption at $4.50-$10 a
meal, while the canteen is affordable and has good food, it gets
pretty routine while most people get sick of it often. But hey, you
could always head over to Ngee Ann for good food. In addition, the
lifts at SIM's old building is severely lacking in meeting the needs
of people rushing for classes I suggest you take the escalators
instead. Lastly, being a school boosting adequate features to make
learning conducive, it's newly renovated gym added a new range of
machines, equipment and televisions to make work out a wonderful

Physical attributes of SIM are highly attractive with the added
benefit of a well stocked library which closes at 10pm every night.
Psychological effect of SIM varies for most people, but I have to
admit that most of the people I met in school has wormed their way
into my hearts to be friends I would keep for the rest of my life.
Most of them are down to earth, funny, caring, kind and most
importantly, 99% of them are WILLING to share their notes and school
work with you. Something that most of my other friends in local
universities bemoan about having to face stiff competition and where
it's a every man for himself world. You'll find it shocking that this
doesnt happen in SIM as most people are more than willing to share,
help and coach you in whatever help you need; as long as you ask. SIM
has been great stepping stone in life for me, for people whom said
that high school and polytechnics were the best times of your life, I
can tell you right now, college in SIM is the best period of my life.

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My not-so-daunting part-time studies experience
(Updated: December 02, 2012)
Overall Rating 
I’m a final year student in Unisim, and I like it. Until exams that is, when I realize that my friends from private schools get to take fewer modules than I do. However, school fees are heavily subsidized, so, I guess you win some, you lose some. And more knowledge is good, right?

Students can choose to spread out the course from 3 to 8 years. Most of us choose the 3-year path – to facilitate quicker career advancement. This means 2 to 3 night classes a week.

We have assignments, quizzes, test, discussion boards, and exams. These of course, are all monitored by the school board, which ensures manageable workload.

The admin side has been efficient so far. Once, I realized I collected the wrong textbooks during matriculation, and only realized it the day before class started, and to my immense relief, they managed to help me put things right the very next day. Technical and school-related enquires are usually addressed within one day as well.

My personal opinion? I wouldn’t have had these sentiments during my very first semester in school (which was a horror), but when I got into momentum, I realized it wasn’t so bad after all. Take out the procrastination, dilly-dallying, etc, and work-life-school balance CAN exist. Really.

Business courses have the most project work, but the others are manageable. My advice is, if you’re not in too much of a hurry to graduate, take the 3.5 year path. This means a lighter workload during the FIRST semester and the full workload for subsequent semesters.

It takes a lot of self-study and motivation. And if you don’t get a good lecturer… That’s when you need to self-study in full force, which I supposed is the same across all universities.
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