Oso Ristorante

F April 16, 2012
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Oso Ristorante
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12pm - 1030pm

Diego Chiarini’s short menu changes monthly. Its strengths lie in its variety and authenticity, with soft accents from the Tuscan and Piedmonte regions. There is much that delights, not least the attentive service. The pasta dishes are a triumph; standouts include robust rigatoni bathed in a deep red sauce of thyme, black olives and tender rabbit.


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Oso Ristorante is actually located on the second level of the building, so first timers might find it slightly difficult to locate. It is just diagonally opposite New Majestic Hotel, though. I was so excited for this meal, and might have placed it on a pedestal for I was rather disappointed at the end of the visit.

The foie gras was priced affordably for the serving, but I’ve tasted better elsewhere (e.g. Osia and Salt Grill). The pasta and risotto were subpar — i particularly didn’t enjoy the pasta as the taste was too overpowering for my taste buds.

Ambiance and service were both commendable, though. They provided complimentary dessert (I can’t remember, but there was ice cream in it) as this dinner was for a birthday celebration.
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