River South (Hoe Nam) Prawn Mee

C February 19, 2016
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River South (Hoe Nam) Prawn Mee
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Located at Tai Thong Crescent (near Potong Pasir MRT), Hoe Nam Prawn Mee is famous for their flavorful prawn broth and is popular amongst supper lovers.

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super flavorful broth
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River South Prawn Mee has been my favorite supper place lately because it opens till late almost everyday. Located near Potong Pasir MRT, this place is easy to find as it is of walking distance to the MRT making it even more convenient.

Whether you order the standard prawn noodles or the ones with pork ribs, the broth will still be equally flavorful. The prawn sweetness in the broth isn’t overpowering, but perfectly balanced with the right flavors. I personally prefer the soup version to the dry one, mainly because there is a lot more soup as compared to the ones they give you when you order it dry.

River South’s prawn mee is one of the better ones around in my opinion, I find myself craving for their soup pretty frequently.

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