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Tsujiri has a history of more than 150 years, and specialises in maccha desserts and drinks.


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Authenticity at its best
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My craving for all-things matcha can only be completely satisfied with one thing -- O-Matcha Soft Ice Cream from Tsujiri ($4.80).

Most shops sell matcha desserts that probably have an additional spoonful of sugar to reduce the authentic bitter taste of green tea to cater to more sweet tooths out there. However, Tsujiri maintains the authenticity of matcha ice cream.

The first time I ever took a taste of this ice cream was as if I was drinking legitimate green tea, just cold, and in the form of ice cream.

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High Quality Matcha Desserts and The Best Matcha Soft Serve In Singapore
Overall Score 
Tsujiri is a dessert specialty shop from Japan, where the Tsujiri brand has been well established for over a century. Tsujiri Singapore has a few branches around the island, and specializes in serving authentic matcha-based drinks and desserts. Their branch at Clarke Quay is located on the street level of The Central facing the quay. With indoor and outdoor seats, as well as a takeaway window, Tsujiri @The Central is much larger than their small takeaway stand in the 313 Basement.

In my opinion, Tsujiri has the best matcha soft serve in Singapore. I’ve tried several matcha soft serves during the matcha craze a few years back, and in terms of taste and quality, Tsujiri still remains at the top of my list. The Matcha Soft Serve ($4.80) has a very distinct matcha flavor, with hint of bittersweet earthiness. It is a definitely a cut above the overly sweet and milky-tasting matcha ice creams that I’ve had before. Tsujiri has several interesting drinks and dessert that are worth a try as well, with the Yuzu Citron Tea ($5.50 for a Medium) being especially refreshing.

Although a bit expensive, you’ll be paying for quality. Tsujiri @The Central is a fantastic stop on a hot day, for good quality desserts. They sell packets of their Tsujiri-brand matcha powder and teas at this outlet as well, along with Japanese-style roll cakes and bakes.
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