Dough and Grains

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Dough and Grains
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Mon - Sun: 07:30 - 21:30
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Tiong Bahru
Chinatown Point Shopping Centre B1-46.

Singapore's 1st bakery specialising in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) breads belives that good bread is the key to good health.


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Novel concept, great bread selection
(Updated: May 11, 2014)
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We all know the benefits of TCM but how many of us really enjoy the taste of TCM brews? I hate TCM because I get reminded of bitter, dark soup, My mother is a big fan of TCM and since we stay so near Dough & Grains, she asked me to accompany her to check this place out. The whole bakery is clean and well-lit, a very good place to relax at!! My mom was occupied with the TCM bakes while telling me how this ingredient is good for which part of the body etc. She was really excited lol. Besides TCM bakes, the place also serves up normal bake goods, chocolate tarts and such so don't worry if you're adamant about not trying these TCM bakes because there are alternative choices available.

My mom got a Wolfberry Chrysanthemum while I got myself The Jade Lychee. Wolfberry Chrysanthemum is supposed to replenish your blood and benefit your eyes. I didn't try that though as I am not a fan of wolfberries. The Jade Lychee is made from Green Tea, Lychee and Apricot and it appealed to me more than the TCM breads.It is supposed to prevent cancer cells, lowering of the cholesterol and helps to burn fat. I love the taste of it. It's fruity and unlike any other bread I have tasted. Definitely unique on its own. My mother enjoyed her bread as well. I highly recommend you to check this place out simply because it's one of a kind and you cannot find it anywhere else. If you're adventurous enough, please do try the TCM bread offerings!

P.s: I take all these "benefits" with a pinch of salt because only long-term and constant intake of the said ingredients/medicine will yield such effects. Don't expect anything "wow-ish" with a few buns hahaha!!

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