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E January 08, 2016
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Mon: 8am to 5pm, Tues - Fri: 8am to 10pm, Sat: 9am - 10pm, Sun: 9am - 4pm

The LoKal is a casual eatery with relaxing vibes. They use homemade ingredients for their dishes and serve a variety such as yoghurt, sauces and pickles. The cafe appeals to locals and foreigners who wish to have a taste of Singapore.





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An Aussie Twist On Avocado Toast
Overall Score 
If you’re looking for some Aussie bites with a unique twist, look no further than the LoKal. A cafe with a homely local vibe, the LoKal serves up hearty Western fare and not to mention, a mean avocado toast.

You’ve probably tried avocado toast at least once in your life - you either love it or hate it. Call it the new hipster dish, but no cafe I know has ever gotten past the bland avocado mash-on-plain-toast stage. Here, expect your avocado to be served with an insanely creamy housemade ricotta cheese, crushed almonds and magic, tangy pomelo pulp, all lain on a toasted sourdough bed. The avocado toast of one’s dreams.

Due to the large influx of customers at this popular joint, service tends to be rather slow and unaccommodating. So make sure to head down right before ‘peak hour’ at around 11am or 3pm!
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Unorthodox and Insanely Delicious Banana Bread
Overall Score 
Banana bread. There are a countless number of cafes that offer banana bread, but it is usually ranked as an afterthought in terms of café food. Most are mediocre, often tasting one-dimensional and greasy. Most are boring.

However, at The Lokal, their banana bread is a STAR. A thick wedge of fragrant banana bread is served with rather unconventional accompaniments such as candied lime zest, caramelized bananas, toasted macadamia nuts, and a delicious tangy greek yogurt sauce. The dish is attentively constructed, with all the different elements playing off each other.
The banana bread itself is really REALLY good: Lightly toasted and crispy on the outside, with the inside remaining exceptionally moist and rich. The Lokal’s rendition is definitely a league above your generic slice of banana bread.

I have yet to try their mains, but the banana bread alone is good enough to keep me coming back. Did you think that banana bread was boring? Trust me, this will change your mind forever.
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