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JoLogs is a Filipino bistro under the umbrella of Cafe Calle Real. The word "JoLogs" is the short form of Jojo's many Silogs. The word "SiLog" is the acronym of Sinangag (Garlic Fried Rice) and itLog (Sunny-side-Up Fried Egg). The bistro offers an array of traditional Filipino meats in various marinades complimenting our house-special garlic fried rice and home-made pickled green papaya, called "achara". JoLogs' unique selling proposition is that it is the very first of its kind in the whole of Singapore. It is a place where novelty dishes are offered. These dishes are unique yet not new or unpopular. It is part and parcel of the rich Filipino culture and cuisine. Get JoLogs food with dessert and refreshing drinks quickly in a spill-proof container to go. The company is the pioneer who offered full-service catering of authentic FilipinoSpanish cuisine and ex-owner of the first and only Filipino-Spanish cafe/restaurant in Katong. We guarantee JoLogs' Outstanding Level of Genuine Satisfaction to you.


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