Smoosh Juice Bar

A April 18, 2012
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Smoosh Juice Bar

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Smoosh Juice Bars develop a range of delicious smoothies and juices to give you the essential nutrients you need. We offer the product that satisfies your craving for the sweet and creamy, and also make you healthy, slim and fun. Our goal is to provide a healthy fast food alternative to people who are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. Our smoothies are fulfilling, healthy, and good for weight loss. All the smoothies are made with absolute fresh fruits, no artificial flavor or concentrate is used! We blend fresh fruit, vegetable, yogurt, juice and ice together to create a wonderfully refreshing healthy drink. We are a society "on the go". We provide healthy meal in a cup so that people, who are often too busy to have a proper meal, can have an easy way to attain a healthy life. Where possible we will imports fruits from our farms from Johor, Malaysia. Thus the qualities of the fruits are guaranteed and always fresh.


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