Boost Juice Bars

T May 08, 2012
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Boost Juice Bars
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Smoothies are always a healthy alternative to sinful milkshakes and Boost is definitely the go-to place for your smoothie cravings. Fruit, yogurt, milk and ice cream are main ingredients in their refreshing blends and a the whole smoothie can almost double up as a meal. The largest sized cup ('Original') goes at $6.50, which is on the high side if you're trying to salvage your wallet. However, it is a good replacement for snacks and is something you can sip on to pass through hot afternoons. The different flavours stay true to their names and the Banana Buzz is like liquid banana, in a good way. All Berry Bang tastes a little bland at times but it really depends on the staff that day (maybe they had a lot of ice with them that day). Honestly, just assume that any drink out of here is healthy and don't be too stressed out counting calories because this is as healthy a smoothie as you get and the maximum calories in any drink here is about 350? It's all cool. All in all, if you are in to fruits and love desserts but want to feel less guilty, Boost would be great for you.


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