Father Flanagan Irish Pub

F July 28, 2012
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Father Flanagan Irish Pub
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After nearly a decade located in the old basement of a restored convent, now known as Chijmes, Father Flanagan's Irish Pub no longer continues to pack in the crowds. You'd think that with Guinness and Kilkenny, and traditional Irish faire, you'd be sure of a 'Top 'O' the Morning' true Irish welcome here, 'T'be sure'. Their alfresco dining area was awesome as well as the inside dining area, where the really famished were able to enjoy some traditional fish & chips or an Irish Stew or maybe a traditional Irish Breakfast that would fill a team of scaffolders. The decor was reminiscent of a real local Pub in Ireland, with solid wooden tables and a spit and sawdust environment that oozed Irish hospitality and comfort. Beer, food, sports and an atmosphere dragged me back again and again, what more could you want for a nice evening with friends? Nick & JR will ensure that the true traditions of Ireland are extended to you. With a long history associated to it, Father Flanagan's is a true location of Gaelic Lore. This is a 'Home away from Home', and sadly closed as Chijmes' rents went up before the downturn! Now its another Harry's Bar clone bar, how sad.


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